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Headaches- Causes and Holistic Cures

May 28,2015

I would like to discuss the subject of headaches this month, as this time of year can bring on headaches more than any other season due to the blossoming of different pollens and fluctuations in weather patterns. We will explore some of the causes and some information on holistic cures for every day headaches to more severe migraines. Throughout the medical profession, headaches have remained an elusive subject to diagnose and treat due to the broad array of variables that cause them. I have always thought of headaches as simply a signal from our bodies, beckoning our attention that something is off balance in our homeostasis.



  • In general taking turmeric root fresh or in supplement form regularly or during onset of a headache is a highly effective pain reliever and much gentler on the body than over the counter pain relievers
  • Take Coenzyme Q10 100 mg. 3x a day
  • Also poor circulation can contribute to general headaches which taking Cayenne and Ginger regularly or during onset of headache is highly effective. You can also visit an oxygen bar at a tanning salon or buy some cell food or oxygenating supplement.

The following are some causes of acute headaches that come on suddenly and for more obvious reasons and are often easier to treat.

  • Dehydration
You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. For example if you weigh 150 you want to drink 75 ounces of water a day for optimal hydration to prevent dehydration headaches.
  • Loud Noises

Wear hearing protection in jobs or concert situations that have high decibel levels is crucial to prevent these types of headaches and protect your valuable hearing. Visit this link for helpful chart.

  • Lighting

Florescent lighting is hard on the eyes for anyone but some people are more sensitive to it than others, either switch your light bulbs or if you are in a work situation where you cannot control the lighting you may buy colored glasses that can help. Visit this link for a great article about this.

  • Weather Changes

Since we can’t control the weather but we can control our indoor environment, consider investing in a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on weather or even an ionizer for your house which helps with depression as well, especially because it is where you sleep for 8 hours a night.

  • Strong irritating smells such as second hand tobacco smoke, perfume or chemical.

Obviously we can’t control others around us beyond politely asking them not to wear such fragrances in shared environments but there are many products even you yourself might be wearing or using topically that have too harsh of chemicals that are the cause of your headaches, try purchasing natural cosmetics and hygiene products. You should pay attention to what chemicals you are putting on your skin/body as it absorbs into your system and can result in many minor irritations such as headaches. Certain cleaning products can be very irritating too, try using more natural things around your home to clean such as pure castile soap, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils. One brand I really like is Meyer Clean Day. You can find Meyer products at Target or online.

  • Trauma to Head (Bumping or Falling)

Ouch! Definitely ice the area afterwards and see a doctor immediately if you have blurred vision, one pupil of the eye larger than the other, throwing up or any suspicion of a concussion even minor.

  • Premenstrual Symptoms

For us gals out there sometimes the only thing that will do the job is regular pain relievers. However if you want to go a more natural route try taking turmeric and a bit of green tea or coffee for the caffeine to relieve menstrual headaches. Many women probably don’t know that taking a magnesium supplement (450 mg. a day) can also ease painful menstrual headaches and cramps as well as drinking certain natural PMS teas. Yogi Tea women’s Moon Cycle and Traditional Medicines PMS Tea are both great products that bring a lot of relief of PMS symptoms through herbal blends that you can drink immediately and often during symptoms.

  • Common Cold, Infection, or Fever

Keep mucus moving, many headaches from being sick are exacerbated by being stuffed up. Some natural ways to thin and clear mucus are eating daikon radish, taking apple cider vinegar and even horseradish root with your food during illness. The cayenne and ginger suggestion at the top of this chart is also excellent when you are sick. Eat a bunch of garlic and tons of water too!

Allergies and Sinusitis (Inflammation of the Sinus Cavity)

I have an excellent comprehensive article within my blog specifically about naturally treating allergies and sinus problems because this is such a big subject but for a quick suggestion I highly recommend Cedar Free Allergy and Sinus Support made by Wishgarden and Nature’s Life Probiotic Sinus Ease. The Wishgarden tincture is amazing for Wyoming and Colorado area because where nature gives you a problem it usually gives you the solution as well therefore the herbs in this blend are specifically from and for addressing pollens and irritants native to our geographic area. In fact the Yerba Mansa in this blend only grows in the Rocky Mountains and is the best herb I have ever found to relieve sinus/allergy issues. This same principle in nature is why taking raw local honey or honey pollen granules can relieve allergy symptoms. Indoors you may want to invest in an air purifying machine to filter potential indoor irritants, keep your house clean of dust and if your pillows are more than two years old you should buy new ones, especially if you around pets.


I highly recommend the use of certain essential oils for migraine sufferers, in fact there is a great product called the migrastick you can even keep on you throughout the day or in your fridge. It is a small ball roller of essential oil to rub on your temples at the beginning of a migraine that works wonders.

Try buying an essential oil diffuser, and these oils for migraines: lavender, spearmint, chamomile and eucalyptus or most effective.

Using ice on the back of your neck at the onset of a migraine can limit blood flow in the capillaries and numb the pain, if you feel your migraine is from muscular tension use a hot pack instead on the upper shoulders and neck.

  • Drink a healthy caffeinated beverage such as green tea or organic coffee
  • Take Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 400 mg. a day

More serious or chronic reoccurring headaches or migraines that are sometimes more difficult to alleviate can often occur from:

  • Muscle strain from poor posture or overuse

Come see me, make an appointment today for immediate and lasting relief! Many chronic headaches are caused by general muscular tension in the head and neck; trigger points in the neck and head can be treated and eliminated with regular massage therapy. Even though many medical professionals still do not understand the cause of headaches as an exact science in my professional opinion I think between %40-%50 of headaches are caused by trigger points in the muscles of the head, neck and upper shoulders and can be alleviated immediately through massage. There is also something called a still point rest you can buy on amazon that presses on specific points in the sub-occipital (back of the head) muscles to alleviate tension at home and is an excellent way to get a more restful night’s sleep too.

  • Ongoing emotional stress, tension or depression

Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, Walking and counseling are such good medicine for managing your stress. Never underestimate the power of your emotions to affect your physical health and take your stress management and emotional health seriously in regard to things like headaches, it is your body’s way of telling you, you are doing or taking on too much than what is healthy!!!!

Skipping meals causing fluctuations in blood sugar

If you ignore eating on a regular basis not only does it affect your metabolism and can ultimately lead to hypoglycemia and diabetes problems in the future but drops or spikes in your blood sugar can bring on massive headaches!!! Make sure you have high protein snacks like peanut butter crackers, nuts or a piece of cheese/yoghurt in your purse, office, car or whenever you are going out the door so that you never have to wait too long to eat something.

  • Changing sleep patterns

Try and keep your bedtime consistent if you can and get the recommended amount of sleep for your age and activity level, losing sleep can bring on massive migraines as your body has not had a chance to repair itself properly at night if not rested. Here is link to a chart of recommended amounts of sleep.

  • Excessive medication usage

One very dangerous and important factor with all the pharmaceuticals prescribed now days is that you may be taking too many prescriptions at once for your body or your prescriptions are interacting with each other in a bad way and headaches caused by this are your bodies way of telling you that something is not healthy. I have seen many doctors overprescribe medications without checking to see if they are interacting negatively with each other. If you are on many medications you may consider this and talk with your doctor about it.

  • Eye strain from excessive electronic usage

A simple eye exercise (just like stretching) can be done throughout the day as many times as you would like to alleviate headaches caused from eye strain. Try not to read in dark lighting and when using a computer for many long periods stop and move your eyes side to side, then up and down, and then roll them around- this will exercise your eye muscles and get them moving in a different way to take the tension off that causes eye strain headaches.

In more rare cases a symptom of a more serious medical condition that requires extensive testing or diagnostics

If you have debilitating pain that is constant and/or have tried many of the usual cures and still do not experience relief, in some rare cases migraines and constant headaches can be your bodies sign of something more serious that you need to address with a doctor.

Whatever your level of discomfort or frequency of headaches you shouldn't have to live in pain. Try and explore some of these suggestions to see what might be the specific cause of your headaches and remember popping as many over the counter or prescription pain killers as possible will only mask the problem and is terribly hard on your organs and body systems, be kind to yourself and get to the root of the problem. Live holistically!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.  Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

"The Emperor Has No Clothes"  Why DoTerra "Aromatouch" and Young Living's "Raindrop Therapy" is Dangerous and Unethical

September 19, 2015

My intention in my massage practice and my holistic living blog is to provide the public with honest, time tested knowledge into the world of holistic healing, with an ethical consideration for the public’s health and safety as well as an ethical consideration to the entire field of healing arts and my fellow professional colleagues who have dedicated their time, money and hearts to careers in the holistic fields of study. With this said please understand that when I say professional colleagues, I am referring to people who have attended legitimate educational institutes monitored closely by state regulating boards, not mail order certificates or training offered by multi-level marketing companies selling their products. I cannot ethically hold my tongue anymore when it comes to the recent trendy onslaught of devoted followers and businesses promoting DoTerra or Young Living Essential oils, "Aromatouch"and "Raindrop" therapy and especially the use of ingesting essential oils internally to treat medical issues.

I have personally been self-studying and using essential oils for their beauty and health benefits for the last twenty years and I am writing this blog to set the record straight and prevent harm to people’s health. First of all essential oils are not actually oils at all. Traditional oils like coconut, avocado, olive or flaxseed oil are classified as “fixed oils”, and are much heavier when talking in terms of chemistry than essential oils which are lighter and are meant to be easily vaporized. Essential oils are extracted using various distillation processes, therefore the name “essential” is derived from the “essence of”, a certain plant. Essential oils are potent extracts of the chemical molecules of plants. These molecules can contain up to 100-200 different carbon and hydrogen based compounds called hydrocarbons that give each essential oil its unique smell and therapeutic qualities.

When I was a young girl at 15 I began to get curious about the fascinating little bottles of essential oils I saw at my local health food store. But like anything in life I wanted to research them before buying or using them. I knew even then that anything you try you need to assume responsibility for educating yourself about. So I started buying and reading books about essential oils, and the first thing I read in all of them was the warning to never use essential oils undiluted and never internally ingest them.

Within my business, Casper Massage I utilize essential oils every day by blending my own custom massage oils with carrier and essential oils and in my aromatherapy diffuser during my client’s sessions. In the last two years I have had multiple people asked me if I use DoTerra, try to sell my DoTerra, or otherwise have been hearing many claims about DoTerra and their “Aroma Touch” therapy. I have also been seeing small businesses around Casper, WY cropping up offering these therapies and listing their employees as "certified aromatouch therapist" This goes for Young Living essential oils and their "Raindrop Therapy" as well. Last year I received an “Aroma Touch” therapy included into a massage and was absolutely shocked and horrified at the unethical promotion of this therapy. When I realized how many undiluted essential oils were being dumped on my spine I immediately thought to myself how toxic and dangerous it is to use that much undiluted essential oil in one application, directly on the skin and the negative effects it could potentially have to the nervous system etc. especially if you already have certain contraindicated medical conditions or are pregnant. But my horror did not end there when I realized people are actually being encouraged and directed to ingest these essential oils under no qualified medical supervision but instead from someone who has received the minimal amount of training possible by their own company in order to sell these oils.

If you want to use herbs and plants to enhance your health I am all for that but you need to either do your own massive research into all the contraindications and implications of the herbs you are taking and their various interactions or go to a trained herbalist/naturopath that can prescribe you the correct type and dosage of herbs to take, and even then you have to really look into one’s training and intentions (whether or not they are just selling something) because there is currently no licensing in the United States except on a state level for herbalists.

“Is there any licensing for herbalists;/aromatherapist in the United States? The licensing of medical and many health practices (e.g. massage therapists) occurs on a state level. There is currently no licensing or certification for herbalists or aromatherapist in any state that precludes the rights of anyone to use, dispense, or recommend herbs and essential oils. However, in a small number of states such as California, Naturopathic (ND) and acupuncturist licensing laws (LAc) include clauses that define natural remedies and sometimes specifically herbal remedies within the scope of the licensed practice. There is currently no state-level licensing for herbalists other than those linked to an acupuncture license (LAc). However, no current license precludes the right of other health professionals or lay persons to use, dispense, or recommend herbs, and additional legal protections granted to the license holder specifically related to the use of herbs are not always clear.

Besides the AHG’s professional membership, non-licensed credentials include the Diplomate in Chinese Herbology offered by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)."

Excerpt taken from:


Ingesting essential oils for internal use should only be done under very careful supervision by someone who has received extensive education into the application of and science of aromatherapy. As you can read for yourself through the below link, for one of the better degrees offered in aromatherapy, the credentials are quite extensive. Someone selling DoTerra or Young Living receives minimal training in the applied use of these oils, in fact just enough training to get a sale from you, they do not have the knowledge or ethics nor the concern to know what might be extremely harmful to your health.



I don’t need to reinvent the wheel here because there are already plenty of qualified, ethical professionals who have been in the holistic fields for many years that know the truth and have written about the misconception and misuse of essential oils. The following are a list of some of the facts and dangers associated with the trendy uprising of irresponsible use and promotion of essential oils and the respective websites I have taken these excerpts from so that you may read more on your own.

"There's a plethora of problems with using undiluted essential oils on the skin, namely toxicity, skin irritation, neurotoxicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, and hepatotoxicity (Tisserand 2014, Battaglia 2003, Buckle 2003). Massaging essential oils onto the body at 50-400 times the concentration used in a normal aromatherapy massage is cause for alarm! This increases the risks to both the user and the "practitioner" (usually someone that doesn't meet education guidelines to practice aromatherapy and/or massage), and has gotten a lot of internet traffic as new injury reports came out last year of miscarriages and poisonings.To give you a broader sense of why you should run far away from these two "drop therapies":

My colleague in Dallas poses the question, "If the two largest professional aromatherapy organizations in the country believe that Raindrop Therapy is an unsafe practice, shouldn't you?"

  • The country of Norway banned Raindrop Therapy.
  • A White Paper was published in 2001. Aromatherapy Undiluted: Safety and Ethics was published in 2005.
  • Dr. Andrew Weil urges patients to avoid this therapy.
  • The Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) does not recommend or support the use of undiluted essential oil applications.
  • The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) does not support the use of "drop therapies" and undiluted essential oil applications- "encouraging untrained people to apply concentrated essential oils to themselves or others is unwise and unsafe." per Tisser and Young 2014.
  • The Aromatherapy Registration Council strictly bans the use either of these undiluted applications and considers this a public health risk."

Excerpt taken from:



"FDA ACTION UPDATE: Many commenters from Young Living and dōTERRA made claims that were against the law and linked to sites that clearly were actively breaking the law. On 9/24/2014 the FDA sent Young Living a Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations Warning Letter and dōTERRA a Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations Warning Letter. Ingestion, undiluted usage, claims of medical cures and medical treatment given by a layperson is not only dangerous, but can warrant legal action. To quote the FDA in the Young Living letter, “. . . , in light of their toxicity or other potentiality for harmful effect, the method of their use, or the collateral measures necessary to their use, they are not safe for use except under the supervision of a practitioner licensed by law to administer it.”

Excerpt taken from:


As if the dangerous and unethical nature of these companies isn’t enough, the price of these oils is outrageous and a scam! DoTerra and Young Living are MLM’s which means multi level marketing companies, formally known as pyramid schemes to anyone born before 1980. Hello wake up people, the emperor has no clothes! You can buy perfectly pure essential oils at any health food store or online from many responsible and wonderful companies that cost half as much as what you are being charged by DoTerra and Young Living to fund the many down lines of recruited reps.

“Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant's "downline", and can provide multiple levels of compensation.  Other terms used for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. According to the US FTC, some MLM companies constitute illegal pyramid schemes which exploit members of the organization.

MLM is one type of direct selling. Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. MLM salespeople not only sell the company's products but also encourage others to join the company as a distributor.

Companies that use MLM models for compensation have been a frequent subject of criticism and lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products, high initial entry costs (for marketing kit and first products), emphasis on recruitment of others over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring members to purchase and use the company's products, exploitation of personal relationships as both sales and recruiting targets, complex and exaggerated compensation schemes, the company and/or leading distributors making major money off training events and materials, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members' enthusiasm and devotion.

Excerpt from:


There is no such thing as a certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil, this is a trademarked term by the DoTerra company to try and purposely mislead consumers that somehow their oils are superior which they are not.


In conclusion, I am very glad to see an increased interest in holistic and complimentary therapies, especially in places like Wyoming where it is one of the last place to be reached, but this is also why it is easy to fool people here. One of the refreshing differentiating aspects of holistic medicine compared to western medicine is that you are encouraged and empowered to take your health into your own hands. But in doing this you must be safe and smart about whatever you try and research who and what you are dealing with. I am not trying to step on anyone’s toes or be a hater but all these new “businesses” I see cropping up of people selling DoTerra or Young Living or offering Aromatouch therapy to the public are either unethical people just trying to make money, in which case they have no more concern or morals for people’s well-being than the massive pharmaceutical companies, or they are genuinely trying to help people but don’t have enough training to see the harm and irresponsibility of their business choices.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

Sound Therapy- The Art of Science and Sound for Healing

February 26, 2016

Do you constantly feel drained, stressed out, stuck, angry, depressed or full of anxiety?

It is well researched that the leading cause of unhappiness, addiction and disease in the majority of the population, is stress. As a massage therapist, it is obvious to me, how increasingly difficult it is becoming for people to reach a state of relaxation and therefore health.

STRESS= an external inevitable force that will always be there, we cannot change or control.

TENSION= a result of stress internalizing and getting trapped in the body/psyche, we have choice to release.

In my experience, most people are not aware of the tension stored within their body, the negative effect it has on their health or that they have the power to consciously release it. It is encouraging that there is a huge new wave of interest in things like Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, massage and energy work because it indicates that people are starting to wake up to this problem and seek solutions that will help them let go of health damaging tension. Sound Therapy is a revolutionary new solution to tension where science, sound and spirituality meet to heal the body.  Though it is based on ancient traditions many forms of sound therapy have been updated to reflect the technology we have available to us in researching specific sound waves effect on the human brain and energy field.

Sound Therapy is:

  • Non-invasive (perfect for touch sensitive people such as survivors of abuse or people experiencing PTSD)
  • Inexpensive
  • Drug free
  • Completely safe and enjoyable therapy
  • One of the latest and interesting forms of energy medicine

Who can Sound Therapy help?

Sound Therapy helps to restore a state of peace, balance and health to any child or adult experiencing:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Grief
  • Insomnia
  • Disease
  • PTSD
  • ADHD

How does Sound Therapy work?

Sound waves created by Tibetan singing bowls and Solfeggio tuning forks are used to:

1. Quickly and effectively induce the Theta brain wave (state of mind associated with meditation and deep relaxation also most conducive wave to brain for accessing higher healing and intuition)

Similar to acupuncture, negative, stagnant or blocked Chi is cleared, making way for a new free flow of energy to heal all systems of the body naturally.

2. Balance out weak or overdeveloped Chakras (Currently unacknowledged by western medicine, Chakras are what make up our energetic body, they are wheels of energy where matter and consciousness meet containing invisible energy called Prana, the vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive)

3. Teaches recipient how to become more aware of and release trapped tension in body, and any time in life outside of treatment.

The Science of Sound and Medicine

New physics understanding of all matter is that when broken down to its smallest form, matter is really just energy condensed to a slower vibration. Therefore one can only conclude that the very nature of human beings is that we are made of energy. Although not widely accepted yet, this undeniable fact alone will change how we approach medicine in the future.

Sound travels fastest through water; being made mostly of water, human beings are extremely receptive and sensitive to sound waves making them a powerful healing tool

Certain frequencies have the power to positively impact cellular activity, even inducing repair in cells that have gone into a disease state.

6 such frequencies from the lost Solfeggio scale, used in ancient Gregorian chants to bring in higher powers, have been identified for use through tuning forks in sound healing, this technique which I am certified in is called Somaenergetics

The effect of sound waves on matter is called Cymatics, where sound waves are made visible in order to be studied, by running frequencies through physical substances such as sand or water to observe the shapes and patterns each frequency creates

It has been theorized that the whole universe was created by sound waves

How powerful is sound? In some ecosystems, flowers are shaped and will only blossom when exposed to the sound waves created by the animals in that region.  Experience the art of science and sound for healing by booking a sound therapy session today!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

How to Get Relief From Sinus Infections The Natural Way

February 26, 2016

I have struggled with a weak immune system since I was 19 years old. I am now 32 and my biggest challenge every year for the last 5 or 6 years has been getting reoccurring sinus infections no matter what season it is. Because I have gotten these so frequently in my life, I am becoming more and more resistant to the normal antibiotics that doctors prescribe to treat my sinus infections. Besides the resistance you build up to the effectiveness, being on antibiotics further knocks out your immune system which can cause reoccurences immediately or open you up to other illnesses. Sometimes sinus infections in their latest stages are so nasty that you simply need antibiotics so thank goodness they are there. However it is a smart idea to take preventative measures and boost up your immune system while fighting a sinus infection whether you are taking antibiotics or not. I once went 3 rounds of antibiotics for 2 months after not taking this seriously, which made each one harder than the last to get over and was very frustrating! Therefore I have researched and tested all of the following remedies to naturally treat a sinus infection (best if used at very first signs of imbalance before infection is in its full stage).

Common Causes of Sinus Infections:

  • Cold & flu symptoms causing excessive mucus and inflammation of sinus cavity and tissues
  • Environmental & food allergies
  • Excessive dairy consumption
  • Tobacco & pollution irritation
  • Dental or fungal Infection
  • Systemic Candida (overgrowth of yeast in body)

Natural Remedies to Treat Sinus Infections:

When your sinus cavity is fighting an infection you have an excess of mucus that is trapped and causes further irritation and infection, therefore the name of the game is to dissolve the mucus and drain it. Dairy, flour, chocolate, fried/processed foods and sugar produce large amounts of mucus; so avoid these foods. Try one or all of these remedies at the same time, it will not hurt you at all since they are all natural and will not interact with each other adversely. If you are taking any prescription drugs, you should always check with your doctor concerning interactions with other supplements as I am not a doctor and know nothing about pharmaceuticals.

I. Dissolve Mucus:

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar-Apple cider vinegar thins out mucus in the body, allowing it to drain more effectively. ACV is also a natural antibacterial and an overall acclaimed immunity booster. The best way to take it is to dissolve 2 tsps. in water with a tsp. of honey or Stevia 3 times a day.

1. Add cayenne pepper, garlic and onion to everything you eat.

2. Eat Daikon radish since it is excellent at dissolving mucus in the body. Daikon radish looks like a large white carrot and has a mild taste; it is sometimes served shredded as a garnish with sushi.

3. Take Turmeric supplements (anti-inflammatory) to lessen nasal inflammation

4. Steam & Inhale-Hold your head over a pot of freshly boiled water with a few drops of Olba’s oil or Oregano oil 2 times a day to thin congestion. If you use Oregano oil please note that essential oils are safe to inhale but are not meant to be internally ingested unless they are a special kind that has been processed to be pharmaceutical grade. I wanted to include this info as you can take Pharmaceutical grade Oregano Oil internally for your immune system if you would like just make sure it is the right kind of Oregano Oil that can be both inhaled and internally ingested but please always read specific product directions to see if it has been processed to ingest internally. (This is the only oil I have ever safely heard of ingesting when it is diluted with olive oil)

II. Drain Mucus:

1. Eat a spoonful of crushed horseradish or dab of wasabi mixed with lemon juice and be ready to blow your nose!

2. Use a Neti pot during and in between sinus infections- look on this blog for my other article "How To Use A Neti Pot"

III. Help Your Body Fight & Entirely Clear the Infection:

1. Take Probiotics- The flora or healthy bacteria in your colon accounts for the majority of your immune system. There is 100 trillion (or 3lbs. worth) of bacteria lining your intestinal tract, your overall health depends on the balance of the “good bacteria” vs. the “bad kind” which is a very delicate balance and chances are if you eat any processed foods or have been on antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria you need to be on a probiotic supplement. These supplements need to be stored in the refrigerator as they are live cultured organisms. Another excellent source of probiotics is found in kefir (a thin drinkable yogurt found at any health food store).

2. Colloidal Silver- Colloidal silver is one of the best natural antibiotics ever discovered and used in human history. It is safer, cheaper and far more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics, so much that most colloidal silver companies are being threatened and bullied by the pharmaceutical industry, FDA and even the FTC because they lose money over this.

3. Take Vitamin C up to 1000mg 3x a day; it is impossible to overdose on vitamin C, your body will just use what it needs and then expel the rest through your urine (however excessive amounts of vitamin C every day of your life can cause serious side effects)

IV.Prevent Furthering of Infection or Reoccurence & Maintain Healthy Sinuses.

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural antibiotic and can prevent microbes, parasites, bacteria and viruses. Purchase in the form of a nasal spray for best results and use during, after and in between any allergy or sinus problems.

5. Do Ear Candling about 3 times a year in between ear or sinus infections not during. Look on this blog for my other article containing Ear Candling Instructions "What is Ear Candling and How Do You Do It?"

6. Continue probiotics and apple cider vinegar every day- they both have lasting and multiple health benefits to your entire body and immune system in particular.

7. Run an air filter for your house with HEPA filter and always change filter when recommended.

If you use a humidifier while you are sick or in general it is very important to keep it very clean! If you live in a dry climate like us Rocky Mountain folk or are trying to keep pollens down by moisturizing the air, then you probably employ a humidifier in the winter or when you aren’t feeling well, so you need to take note of the following precautions. Buy the newer humidifiers that have Microban technology that prevents mildew and molds, as this can make you sicker! Even with these, clean them often with vinegar and baking soda, use distilled water only and always change your filters when you see mineral build up or discoloration.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.


The Power of Hot and Cold to Ease Back Pain

April 16, 2013

Do you want an easy and cheap way to soothe back pain or any kind of joint/muscle pain in between massages?

Hydrotherapy has been used since ancient days because of its accessibility, instinctive healing properties and soothing comfort. Hydrotherapy can be described as the application of water in its three forms either solid, liquid or vapor to internally or externally treat disease or trauma in the body. We have all used it at one time or another without knowing that it had a name, such as using ice on a sprain or hot water bottles on aching muscles. I'm going to give you two new fun and relaxing forms of hydrotherapy that you can do from the comfort of your own home after a long day.

1. Contrast Therapy for Back Pain:

Contrast therapy is when you use the power of hot water to cause blood vessels to dilate and then immediately switch to a cold application like ice to constrict blood vessels. The opening and closing of the blood vessels actually acts as a pumping action to rush out inflammation and toxins in the underlying muscle tissue and entire area which is what relieves stored tension and soreness. You wouldn't believe the incredible relief from pain that contrast therapy can achieve. Here is how you do contrast therapy, it is quite simple. You can either have a friend help you or can do this on your own.

You will need:

A hot water bottle or (rice pack that you can heat up in the microwave) or even just a towel dipped in very hot water. A plastic sandwich bag to fill with ice or ice packs from freezer and a towel.

Place the towel on the floor, couch or bed and have person lay face down on it so that their back is facing you.

You then apply whatever heat source from the suggested list above to the persons muscles that run parallel up and down the spine. You do not want to apply hot or cold directly to the spine, just the muscles around the spine. Apply the heat source you have chosen to use for about 3-4 minutes moving up and down the whole length of the back.

Immediately switch to your cold source of ice in a bag or ice pack for 30 seconds to a minute along the same muscles along the spine.

Then you just repeat this process of alternating the hot and cold packs for a total time of 20-30 minutes, going for longer applications of each every time. If you are experiencing a lot of inflammation in an area (due to overuse or injury) you should end alternating cycle with cold application to keep inflammation away from area, however if you are using contrast therapy simply because of muscle soreness from working out and there is no inflammation you may end with heat. As with all alternative therapies all of this should of course be according to your comfort level of what feels good to you. If you are doing this by yourself then you simply put your hot or cold source underneath the muscles that run parallel to your spine on each side or on one side at a time and lay down on it to achieve the same result.

Important Note:You should consult your doctor if you have special circumstances such as a recent injury to your back or any other diagnosed conditions to your back muscles or bones.

2. Aromatherapy Foot Bath

Foot Bath's are a great way to relax and have numerous healthy benefits. Hot foot bath's can prevent or relieve the common cold, and can increase blood flow through the feet and entire skin surface resulting in detoxification of the internal organs and tissues of the body.

You will need either a large pan, plastic tub, or actual foot tub, your favorite essential oil, a pan or kettle to boil water and a towel.

Simply fill your container enough to cover ankles with water ranging in temperature of 100-110 degrees or (as hot as you can stand), add in a few drops of lavender oil for relaxation, or orange or pine essential oil for energy and drape a towel over your feet to keep the steam in. Add hotter water from the kettle or pan as the water naturally cools. Soak feet for 10-30 minutes. You may apply a cold compress to forehead or back of neck to avoid becoming too overheated.

Important Note: Hot foot baths are not recommended for people with arteriosclerosis or peripheral vascular disease.

These are two healthy and relaxing hydrotherapy techniques you can do to take care of yourself during an illness, when you have had a long day or simply to feel better and do something good for yourself! Enjoy!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

Beginners Guide To Holistic Cancer Care

August 21, 2014

Forward: I survived cancer twice and chose my whole career to help bring this information to as many people as possible so this article is a major part of my heart and soul and gift to others. I will continually be adding more to it as it is such a large and important subject I am always thinking of more resources to add. Also because there is so much out there written about this subject matter you will find throughout the text additional articles on subjects where I didn't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Please note that I am not a doctor and that every person, body, diagnoses, cancer and case is extremely different and any suggestions in this article are only that- suggestions made by a cancer survivor who has studied holistic healing for almost 20 years. I assume no liability whatsoever for the following suggestions. You should always check with your doctor or care team about anything you add to traditional treatment and follow your best judgment. Thank you and enjoy!

This article is dedicated to my friend Rob, my Aunt Nawal who passed away from cancer, my Aunt Christie and grandmother Caroline Ebeid who have both survived it multiple times and anyone else on this planet going through the scary and massive lesson that cancer is. I love you all and wish you the best of hope and healing!


I am almost 12 years in remission for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

I always liked the word re-mission because I believe we all have a mission here as spiritual beings and when the vehicle in which your spirit lives (the body) is threatened then so is your mission here on earth.

When you are well again you can resume your mission which is exactly what I have had the privilege to do.

My mission is to spread knowledge of the holistic methods I used to heal from my cancer so that others facing small or large health crisis, have access to the same hope, options, love and support that graced my life. I think anyone facing health issues naturally ask themselves, “Why is this happening?” In regards to cancer and many other dis-eases in the body there is a scientific and fundamental breakdown of cellular health and therefore general homeostasis.

This can be from genetics, environmental toxins or ill- informed lifestyle choices. However I must discuss my belief that emotional negativity/stress is just as powerful of a force as any tangible reasons for disease to build in the body. After all, life breaks down our mind and spirit slowly through each misunderstanding, anger, disappointment, insult, and abuse we experience, creating an energetic breakdown in our connection to balance, and to our higher, wiser source of intuition and feeling. This is why holistic treatment of any ailment is so important. There can be multiple factors that cause an imbalance in the triune that is the body/mind/spirit vehicle. Therefore healing must be approached from the same comprehensive standpoint. This means that when we asked ourselves, “Why is this happening?” in regards to health issues, we have to look at the whole bigger picture and also ask ourselves, ” What is off balance in my life? How did I get here and why did I create this lesson?”

In this world it can be incomprehensible as to why we have to go through so much pain and suffering. However, I have found comfort and truth in one very important thing……we cannot always see the bigger spiritual picture and we are not meant to at the time. I believe each of our souls and hearts asked to be taught a certain lesson or wished for something long ago that we forgot we asked for. Sometimes in order to achieve what we asked to learn, our lives seem to bring in much adversity to be our teachers. Naturally and rightfully it can make one livid with depression, anger and confusion. It can cost you your joy, sanity and will to live. During and after the hardest things in life- death, illness, abuse, hate, war, poverty etc. is the time to guard our personal power.

What I mean by this is that if we linger too long feeling like a victim, it is easy to unintentionally give away all our power.

If we are declaring that something external has the power to control our lives, we are unintentionally declaring at the same time that we have no power to create something beautiful from our experience, survive and be a spiritual soldier completing our missions with grace and love. I know firsthand because I lost my power along the way; I gave it up freely and have only recently returned from my hiatus to reclaim it. No one can tell you how to get through this process or how long it will take to return to this truth but if you plant the seed of this idea, it will germinate and grow as it needs to.

“Whatever life takes away from you, let it go.

When you surrender and let go of the past, you allow yourself to be fully alive in the moment.

Letting go of the past means that you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now.”

– Don Miguel Ruiz from “The Four Agreements”


Whether you suffer from cancer, lupus, M.S., diabetes, depression, anxiety, addiction, spiritual, mental, or physical injuries; whatever it is you have a right to feel whatever you feel about it. You may do whatever you chose to do about it. But however you deal with your cards, eventually you will reach a point where you decide to either resent or thank your “teacher”. Part of holistic healing is choosing to take accountability for the power you actually have. This occurs first by contemplating that everything in your life exists as it does because you have created it that way. It can be invigorating to take responsibility for changing what lessons you don’t need anymore and bringing in the ones that you do. Being proactive, willing to be a humble student and remembering the joy in realizing there is so much you don’t know and still to discover beyond previous limiting belief systems will save you.

My biggest experience of this whole theory was using a holistic approach to heal from my own cancer at 19 years old.

The biggest crosses I have experienced in my life were the threats posed to my health, my peace, joy and my desire to be of service to others. It took me a long time to begin to accept the fundamental spiritual principle in yin and yang, that we cannot evolve and thrive without adversity, agitation and threats to our survival. I wouldn’t have learned what I was meant to spend my life on if it weren’t for a world I perceived to be working against me. I went through my return of Saturn and decided to believe once again that the universe is for me, it is rooting for my abundance, success, joy and happiness. Everything is unfolding exactly as it needs to. I have my power back and I want to help empower you, you who are suffering and wondering “Why is this happening to me?” Even though no one can answer that for you, I can share with you activities and lifestyle changes that create a fertile environment for answering that question and holistically healing whatever life cross you find yourself bearing.

You have a choice on what happens to your health and spirit.

You can choose to work in conjunction with the traditional western medical system or without it but you don’t ever have to feel shuffled and hearded around from one test and needle prick to another if you don’t want to. You don’t have to live in fear, despair or hopelessness.

The following are general ideas and concepts for you to delve into deeper on your own, chose one or all and I guarantee you will be beginning an empowering journey through a unique educational experience that could just save your life!

Keep in mind that there are a million articles written on this subject I am merely giving you what I have tried and done myself with success and my suggestions from what I have learned as a cancer ass kicker.

ALSO, keep in mind that there is a very real and silent attack on inexpensive, natural holistic therapies and cures.

Why? - Because big medical/pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a lot of money if you know about these things.

That is why you don’t hear about fabulous natural cures and they purposely aren’t publicized.

If you don’t believe me, trace where the profits from traditional cancer or any disease treatments are going and you will see why holistic cures are purposely chastised, discouraged and shunned.

It is not because they are dangerous or ineffective towards your health; they are only dangerous and ineffective to the money wheel of major corporations and insurance companies.

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Never underestimate the amount of lies you have been told, find the truth yourself, find the correlation between the physical and spiritual/mental bodies and perceptions, if you heal one you are healing the others at the same time. You don’t need anything that mother earth hasn’t already provided.



Your body is an amazing machine in that it has every built in self-healing mechanism you could ever need if the bodies systems are in balance and fed what they need. It makes sense that to start correcting any imbalance in health you should clean everything up just like a house. Is it any wonder why our grandparent’s generation could eat bacon every day and smoke cigars and still live to 90 with no health problems? Because we live in a highly toxic world compared to that generation and we need to start taking that into account with regards to our health questions. Our water is polluted and constantly treated, the soil our foods are grown in is poisonous, our foods are modified and processed with chemicals and toxins, we are abusing prescription drugs, and our air is heavily laden with smog and too many lights while electromagnetic frequencies bombard us night and day. In eastern medicine it is believed that most diseases begin in the colon. After all the balance of intestinal flora or “good bacteria” vs. “bad bacteria” makes up a huge part of your immune system and is where your body eliminates waste so this makes sense that it greatly affect your overall health. You should be eating yogurt, kefir and /or taking a probiotic supplement every day several times a day and taking fiber of some kind along with a healthy diet if you are having any type of digestive trouble eliminating properly. In an optimally healthy person you should be having three bowel movements a day. Most people only have 1 because of poor diet. Most people also have on average up to 5-10 lbs. of decaying fecal matter trapped in their colons, rotting away and waiting to break down our health.

When you look at these facts most people could stand to do a cleanse and/or pay better attention to their colon health.

See the following article I compiled: HOW TO DO A CLEANSE on how to do an official cleanse to detoxify your body and keep your colon clean, so that you can do this at any time you need to.

Throw out all cleaners and personal beauty products that are poisoning you (and most of them are).

Seriously, if you think that stuff doesn’t affect you when it is in your air you breathe or absorbing in your skin you will be amazed how much better you feel when it is not around anymore! Go back to nature and either buy or make your own home and personal beauty products, not only will you be helping your health but you will systematically be boycotting inhumane, greedy companies and the consumerist lifestyle belief that what we need is provided by someone else and out of our control. You can clean your whole house, laundry and car with simple things like vinegar, borax, baking soda, essential oils and Dr. Bronners or any natural castile soap.



When people hear the word macrobiotic they automatically want to make fun of it or intimidated by it being something complicated concept they don’t have the time for. But I am here to tell you, Macrobiotics is a diet that is based on the crazy eccentric hippie notion that we should only eat things that come from the earth, eat them in season with when they grow and use food to balance various physiological systems, emotions and PH levels. As a culture here in America we have gotten so far of course with our attitudes towards food. Eating a Macrobiotic diet not only supports our bodies and brings them back to balance but supports our earth because it teaches us how to choose foods that are sustainable and available in order to be in balance with our environment. Eating locally and in season prevents a dangerous reliance on globalized food sources that in a state of conflict or lack of transportation would starve us to death. A macrobiotic diet boycotts inhumanely raised meats and animals by-products bringing awareness to the slaughter and inhuman treatment of animals or ruining farmlands with chemicals therefore making land unusable for future generations. My journey of learning about macrobiotics was fascinating and rich with reward. I learned that foods can be yin/yang, contractive/expansive to my moods and body. Studying a macrobiotic diet is where I learned to truly use my food as medicine and starting exploring an exciting variety of unique, delicious and energizing superfoods, including fruits, veggies, grains, and seaweeds, teas etc. that I didn’t even knew existed and make me feel amazing! You don’t have to follow just macrobiotics or any diet completely but once you introduce yourself to macrobiotics it propels you into at least attaining the knowledge you need about balancing your food choices and from there you can decide what works best for you and is most enjoyable.

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Our diet and other lifestyle choices contribute to either an acid or alkaline state in the body. A body that is constantly too acidic begins to breakdown health in every system of our body and is very dangerous. Too much acidity is a breeding ground for cancer, immune problems and many other serious diseases. Some of the below are examples of what an acidic body can cause: The average healthy ph level for the human body is ideally between 6.0 and 7.5. You can buy ph test strips online or at drug stores to test your ph. level. See this wonderful article for more in depth information as well as an excellent chart of acid vs. alkaline foods.

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Three methods of Alkalizing I personally know of and use are by taking:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Contrary to it being vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar brings the body back to an alkaline state when taken daily. Quality, organic apple cider vinegar has multiple health benefits too many to count even so it is a wonderful thing to incorporate into your health regime no matter who you are. You can put it in honey and water and make a drink out of it or just take 1-2 tablespoons a day straight with water to chase.

2. Pickled Umeboshi Plums: Extremely alkalinizing, pink-red, pickled plums with sour salty taste, anti-bacterial for intestines, counteracts upset stomach, hangovers, fatigue. It is rumored that Shaolin monks ate of these a day for optimum health. Can buy whole plums to eat or in a paste form for sautéing in with vegetables or in dressings.

Found at any health food store or online.

3. Kombucha Tea: Known to fight cancer, buy or make your own!


Oxygenate! There has been much research done on the theory that cancer cannot survive in high oxygen environments. Even though there are several oxygen therapies out there, the best, easiest and most inexpensive way is through your diet by drinking wheatgrass. Even if you don’t have cancer, our bodies are starved for oxygen! To oxygenate your blood learn how to grow your own Wheatgrass and juice it daily. You can also begin taking a supplement called cell food that increases the oxygen levels in our bodies.


Wheatgrass is one of the most nutritious substances we can ingest. When I was sick I juiced my own. I bought whole flats of it from someone else who grew it. Even though you can grow your own it can be a bit of a process especially when you aren’t feeling well. I drank almost 8oz. a day. Wheatgrass is a known cure for cancer and protects and nourishes your whole body including your organs from the toxic effects of chemo and radiation.

If you do nothing else holistic during your cancer treatment I highly recommend drinking wheatgrass to cure cancer!!!!

Wheatgrass is highly oxygenating to the blood and one ounce contains the amount of vitamins and minerals in up to 20lbs of fruits and vegetables! You can’t find a more alkalizing or nutritious source of nutrients on the planet! Use it to counteract toxic treatments like chemo or radiation or just use for better health in general. When I was sick I drank 4-8oz. of wheatgrass a day. I didn’t know about cell food then, but have recently discovered it and been taking it daily.

In addition to oxygen, the cell food contains many minerals our bodies are starved for that are needed to correctly complete many cellular functions for our bodies to operate properly. You can buy wheatgrass growing kits and cell food at Natural Grocers or online. In order to juice your wheatgrass you will need a special finer mesh juicer that you clamp to your counter. Once again bought online these are very inexpensive. I have provided links so you can easily purchase online or see what these look like to shop locally.


People may argue that past generations of humans didn’t need to take supplements before why start now?

Well the food of the past was grown in a sustainable organic way and the soil and water was clean and full of trace minerals and elements.

Our soil and water and therefore food in modern times is not nearly as nutrient rich as it once was creating the need to supplement our diet with certain additional vitamins and minerals. At very least everyone should be on a multivitamin that is food based and preferably liquid because the body absorbs and uses this kind the best so you don’t waste your money and get the maximum benefit. Most cities have a wellness screening facility where you can do a simple $20 CBC blood test and find out what vitamin/mineral deficiencies you might have that you need to take additional supplements for daily. You can decipher the results of blood test yourself or have a copy sent to your regular physician and discuss the results with them. Knowing what your body needs help with in the vitamin world is one of the simplest and most effective ways of making sure your “machine” has what it needs to do its own job of healing. The earth gave us an herb for almost any ailment you can think of. For example when I had cancer, I drank Essiac Tea, which was just an herbal blend to make tea out of that was said to cure cancer by the Native American culture. I also saw a herbologist after my chemo treatments to further support my body during its return to health. Certain herbs like Turmeric are really more in the food based category being that it is a spice and is highly cancer fighting so taking a few things of this nature while fighting cancer can be extremely beneficial. However, high amounts of herbs in your system can interact and have adverse effects with traditional radiation and chemo treatments and drugs/prescriptions as well as be very taxing on your organs so I highly suggest consulting with your doctors and/or a licensed herbologist (not someone who is only selling MLM’s etc.) to review herbal usage while undergoing chemo/radiation. When you are in remission and rebuilding your body’s immune system and health herbs can be amazingly beneficial. If you want to use herbs to help various ailments heal or for general health maintenance, I highly recommend seeing a certified herbalist in your area. A few visits with one of these trained professionals and they will do a thorough health intake to determine what is safest and best for your specific circumstances. They will do muscle testing and get you on the exact herbs you need and figure the correct dosages for your body and health concerns. The results are amazing!

Vitamin C Seems to be of Significant Importance During Cancer Treatment:

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*Here in Casper, Wyoming I recommend:

Wellness Screening

1988 E. 1

St. Casper, WY 82601


They are fast, no waiting forever, very friendly and you get the results very quickly.

6. OILS:

Everything in life needs lubrication; a lot of our lives revolve around oil in many forms, use this to your advantage and make them work for you. Over the last decade much information has been spread about how important “good oils” are compared to bad ones. This is in regards to cholesterol and heart health but the “good oils” have many other important nutritional and healing properties as well. The omega fatty acids in good oils nourish your brain and many cellular functions as well as keep your digestive system healthy. You should never consume hydrogenated oils of any kind which includes most brands of shortening and margarine. Just like with sugars return to what is natural and use in normal moderation and you won’t have to do hours of research about this. For cooking, baking and general eating regular organic butter is healthy and fine. Butters and oils are among the most important things besides berries to buy organic because since butter is basically churned cream any hormones fed to cows all filter down into a high concentration into the butter. The other oils to have in your house for cooking and baking or to use medicinally need to all be organic and of high quality for this same reason because they are highly concentrated substances of whatever they were derived from meaning any pesticides or chemicals used in growing and processing are also highly concentrated. The healthiest best oils for your heart health, metabolism, mental health and immune system are:

Best used for high heat like (sautéing and stir fry)

Olive Oil

Sesame Oil

Best for putting in smoothies as supplement

Cannabis/Hemp Oil (Both are Cancer Fighting)


Best for spreading on foods

Real Butter

Coconut Oil

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(Listed in order of importance, also anyone may use these at any time, stage or situation in which immune system is compromised or needs building)

1. Wheatgrass

I already mentioned this earlier, but I will stress again the importance that in my opinion if you do nothing else to support yourself during cancer do this. I drank up to 8oz. a day while I was sick and I am convinced it saved my life!


2. Mushrooms- fresh, dried or in supplement form

Did you know that mushrooms have the closest DNA structure to humans than any other plant? This makes them highly useful to our receptors in using them nutritionally. I highly recommend Host Defense Mycommunity Immune Support or this brand in any form. I took these when my immune system was failing from waitressing and picking up dirty plates and couldn’t get well with anything else. I took these for 30 days and didn’t get sick for the rest of winter.

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3. Probiotics

Probiotics are so important for anyone but especially when you are sick! Your intestinal health is almost 75% of your immune system and nothing tears up your digestion or colon like chemo and radiation. Either buy kefir/yogurt and eat at least two times a day or just buy in supplement form. Liquid is best because it is more readily absorbable. You have to keep the supplements/liquids in the refrigerator so it is best to buy these local instead of online.

4. Colloidal Silver

Just like how it sounds, it is silver in liquid form and is a powerful antibiotic that doesn’t upset your stomach or further harm your immune system, the following article has everything you need to know about it.


5. Bone Marrow Soup

A powerful broth made from animal bones that you can make yourself. I used to pour it in ice cube trays to make daily doses for myself to melt individually.


6. Umeboshi Plum

You can buy or make your own, but these are pickled Japanese plums that are highly alkalizing to the blood to correct acidic ph. levels.



7. Garlic

Even though most people know how good garlic is for the immune system, the fact is you kill the antibiotic/antiviral properties of garlic if you cook it. You must ingest garlic raw to receive its powerful benefits. If you chop it up fine, you can put in salad dressings, or add to anything after you are done cooking it. Another secret tip if you are using garlic medicinally is that it needs to be chopped and exposed to air for at least a half hour to turn it into an antibiotic/antiviral. You will still receive benefits from cooked garlic just not nearly as effective.



8. Lemon

It seems like there’s nothing lemons won’t do. The following articles will give you some ideas though of just how versatile and powerful these pretty yellow little rays of sunshine are.




9. Sea Vegetables/Green Algae’s

Wakame, Kombu, Spirulina, oh my, it is fun to learn how to use these and if you like salt you will love incorporating these into your diet.



10. Goji Berries

Yummy little red berries that are so good for you! Prescribed in Chinese medicine for ages.


11. Chia Seeds

Cha Cha Cha Chia! Yes these are the same seeds from the chia pets in the 80’s. I don’t know why it took everyone so long to actually start eating them. Sprinkle these on your yogurt or in a smoothie for their wonderful omega 3 oils and for energy! On a side note if you are battling prostate cancer these are not recommended due to the high content of alpha-linoleic acid.



12. Diatomaceous Earth

I found this clay like substance made from ground daitoms (fossils from water beds) to be fascinating the more I read about it and just started using it for my pets and I.  There are so many household uses!  Make sure if you are buying to ingest that you get food grade! Check it out in the below comprehensive article.



(Listed in order of importance)

1. Wheatgrass

I already mentioned this earlier, but I will stress again the importance that in my opinion if you do nothing else to support yourself during cancer do this. I drank up to 8oz. a day while I was sick and I am convinced it saved my life!


2. Mushrooms- fresh, dried or in supplement form

Did you know that mushrooms have the closest DNA structure to humans than any other plant? This makes them highly useful to our receptors in using them nutritionally. I highly recommend Host Defense Mycommunity Immune Support or this brand in any form. I took these when my immune system was failing from waitressing and picking up dirty plates and couldn’t get well with anything else. I took these for 30 days and didn’t get sick for the rest of winter.

3. Cannabis Oil

The whole world can stand by and debate whether people should be getting high off marijuana or not but don’t let that deter you from the real importance in this plant, is in its amazing medicinal properties. There have been more cases documented of people healing from cancer with cannabis oil than any other thing I have researched besides the wheatgrass.






4. Essiac Tea

The Native Americans used this herbal blend of tea to fight disease and it has been used in holistic cancer treatments for the last 100 years.


5. Turmeric

Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been used in Ayurveda medicine for a very long time. Taken in supplement form it has so many uses including a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and has been proven to rapidly take down cancer cells.



6. Baking Soda

It is hard to believe that while the world spends billions on cancer treatments and research something so simple that can be found in the average household could be so healing. Read about it here:


7. Tomatoes, Strawberries any fruit or veggie that is red, yellow or orange.

The secret here is that these fruits and veggies contain lycopene which is a natural cancer fighter. Try to incorporate as much of these as possible into your diet while in treatment and after.


8. Soursop Fruit & Guanabana

I have not personally tried these fruits, as they can be hard to find locally but the evidence written about them keeps popping up everywhere and is very convincing so it is worth checking out.




9. Kombucha

A fermented mushroom tea that is highly alkanalizing to the blood and wonderful for digestion.


10. Miso

Miso is a Japanese paste made out of fermented soy beans. It can be used to make soup, dressings or to flavor rice.

I love this stuff and have used it for years. A little known fact is that it can extract nicotine from the bloodstream for anyone trying to quite tobacco products. Its consumption has been linked to a significantly low rate of breast cancer.

This was first studied when looking at world population’s rate of breast cancer when it was found that Japanese women are among the lowest at risk for this. You can buy Miso at any natural foods store and it is quite flavorful.


10. Black Cumin Seed Oil

11. Honey

These two items are ones that I don’t know personally much about for curing cancer but found while doing this research and thought them worthy enough of mentioning for consideration.





Get Wiggy With It!

If you lose your hair during treatment, there are many programs out there that will provide you with a free wig. I myself sported many types of wigs and even had fun watching men almost crash their motorcycles when I had my long blonde one on compared to shorter darker styles. Ha ha ha! I enjoyed learning how to tie scarves as well with big earrings for a gypsy look. However when your hair grows back my doctor recommended Nioxin shampoos and conditioners and I was very pleased with them. I also really like Avalon Organic’s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner; it has no sulfates and smells divine! Both work really well, it just depends on your preference but Nioxin has a scalp treatment in their system 2 that I had great results with for growing back strong and healthy hair. Rosemary is an excellent tonic for the scalp and you can make your own.(See Below) As they say don’t be surprised if it comes back a different color, wavy when it was straight or vice versa. You can also take a biotin supplement to help further support healthy hair and nail growth when you finish treatment.

Where to Find Wigs:


Check out this beautiful series of videos done by the some very inspiring people who present elegant and dignified solutions of how to have fun wearing scarves!







Natural Home Treatments for Your Scalp and Regrowing Hair:

Super East Rosemary Scalp Rinse For Itchiness or Irritation:


Other Natural Homemade Remedies for Help in Regrowing Hair:



Skin Brushing:

By simply buying a skin brush at any natural food store or Bed Bath and Beyond type place you can boost your immune system and help flush toxins out of your system while in treatment or any time. You can do this wet or dry but I prefer wet in the shower. There is a specific way to do it but the most important aspect is to always brush in strokes towards your heart. Here is a more detailed article to help you:



Never use a deodorant that has aluminum in it.

We have many lymph nodes around the chest and breast tissue for men and women that the aluminum absorbs right into and has been linked to a huge increase in cancer especially breast cancer!!! Tom’s of Main long lasting is my favorite non-aluminum deodorant for its scents and effectiveness.

You can also use the natural crystals that you wet and rub on.


This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

What is Ear Candling and How Do You Do It?

May 20, 2013

Ear Candling goes back to ancient Egypt and was not only used to clean the ear canal and sinus cavity out but was thought to open the “Eye of Horus” which was actually a reference to the pineal gland or the highest chakra (third eye). Medicinally ear candling draws yeast and ear wax out of your sinus cavity and ear canal by creating a vacuum with flame. Ear candling is totally safe and can be beneficial to anyone but especially people that are prone to ear and sinus infections. You never want to do ear candling while you have an ear or sinus infection. Wait until your infection is completely out of your body and then use ear candling as a preventative method. As someone who has used ear candles for the last 17 years I recommend the beeswax ones over the linen ones as the beeswax doesn’t burn down as fast or get clogged as easy as the linen ones. I would suggest doing ear candling every 4 months, after you have had a sinus infection or when you can feel any buildup or pressure in the ears from too much wax. It helps to have someone with you to help or do this for you but you can do ear candling by yourself as long as you are careful to watch the flame and make sure it doesn't drop on your hair, bed or clothing.

Supplies you will need:

  • 2- 4 Beeswax Ear Candles (If you live in Casper,WY then Alpenglow Natural Foods is only place that carries these)
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Large cup halfway full of water
  • A bobby pin opened up or other medal skinny poker (to unclog candle)
  • Tea Tree Oil or Olive Oil
  • Q-Tips and Cotton Balls
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Ear Candling Instructions:

As a precautionary measure to infection, put a drop or two of olive oil or tea tree oil on q-tip and swab in and around ear canal.

Light the wider end of one ear candle and lay down on your side. Put the narrow end of ear candle in ear just over your ear canal – it doesn’t have to be actually in your ear just close enough to close the gap of air to create a vacuum effect (if you see smoke out of the corner of your eye you don’t have it close enough to your ear)

You will feel a pleasant warm feeling in your ear and hear a slight crackle as everything begins loosening up and then after a few minutes you will actually feel the candle drawing wax and yeast out of your sinus cavity (your face will feel a tightening sensation and sometimes it feels like your head is getting lighter in weight).

About every 2-4 minutes you need to cut ear candle down as it burns to prevent burnt linen portion from dropping down on your hair, face or bedding. Take ear candle out of ear area and hold lit ear candle over your water cup. Cut only burnt portion off but not so much that you extinguish the flame (it should still be lit the whole time you are doing this). You also need to be taking candle out of ear to check that the end that goes in your ear isn’t clogged. You can tell when it is clogged because you won’t be able to see smoke coming out of the bottom when you take it away from your ear or you just won't feel it drawing anything out anymore- if end is clogged take your opened bobby pin or poker and simply hold over your water cup and unclog.

Continue ear candling while cutting down and unclogging until you have burned ear candle to half way. You will then be done with that ear or if you feel like you haven't gotten everything out,you can do a second ear candle on that ear to continue to draw wax and yeast out. 

You may now switch to other ear and do your other ear for 1 or 2 ear candles.  Dip several q-tips and cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and clean around the ears and almost inside but never put q-tips all the way inside ears as you can puncture the ear drum. When you have cleaned the yellow film (yeast and wax) reswab ears with olive oil or tea tree oil to prevent any infection.

If you want to see how much gunk (yeast and wax) you drew out of your sinus cavity and ears you may cut sides of ear candle open and carefully open up to see. Do not play in or touch gunk as it can cause infections. Below is what your used ear candle will look like. I once burnt an ear candle down by itself without using it on my ear to see if this debris actually came out of me or was something from the ear candle, as I was skeptical and yes it is actually from your body and not the ear candle.

You are now done and need to properly clean up. Use cotton balls with rubbing alcohol to clean your scissors well. Dump the cup with the burnt debris outside in the yard and throw away any larger pieces of burnt ear candle (You don’t want to clog your toilet or sink with the burnt ear candle pieces). Bleach cup and wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything else. You will feel like your head is ten pounds lighter and drier in a good way. Try to relax while you are doing ear candling and more will be released. If your ears feel slightly more sensitive or the tiniest bit soar after ear candling, this will go away in a few hours and is not an indicator of anything wrong.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

How To Properly Use a Neti Pot for Sinus Cleansing

May 20, 2013

A neti pot is a small clay pot (you can find plastic ones too which can be better in bathrooms with hard tile floor or if you have children where it's easier to break a clay one). A neti pot looks like a small tea kettle with an extra-long spout on the end used to run saline water through your nasal cavity. You can buy them at any health food store or online. If you suffer from allergies or sinus problems, your first line of defense is a neti pot. You can even use them if you just need to clean out your sinuses after being on a dusty trail or cleaning a dirty room to prevent infections and headaches from irritants.

What you do is put warm distilled or previously boiled warm water in the neti pot and then dissolve about a ¼ tsp. - 1 tsp. of non-iodized pure salt (you never want salt with iodine in it, just natural sea salt only. The amount can vary depending on what feels comfortable for you) in the water, in other words there shouldn’t be so much salt that it feels like a burning sensation in your nostrils. If you are already taking colloidal silver internally for immunity or would like an extra boost to your neti pot’s effectiveness you may add 1 or 2 tsp. of colloidal silver directly to your neti pot in addition to the salt. Once salt is fully dissolved you tilt your head to the side toward your shoulder, as you put the spout in one nostril and let the water drip out the other nostril. If you feel water coming into your mouth then you need to tilt your head at a back angle more so that the water only flows out of your other nostril. Do this two times a day (preferably in the shower or bath tub because it is messy) and you will feel immediate relief as the gentle salt water cleanses out your whole nasal cavity to fight infection, inflammation and irritation. You can use a neti pot up to 2 times a day every day if you choose.

****IMPORTANT***** You should always boil your water first or use distilled water warmed up, as there can be foreign microbes in most tap water that can cause health problems. Also, bleach your neti pot with a diluted solution of bleach and water in between uses so you don’t re-infect your sinuses with bacteria from last usage.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

The Lesson of The Lotus- A Message To Depressed, Confused or Overwhelmed Spiritual Seekers

January 29, 2015

I recently treated myself to a weekend yoga and meditation retreat near Fort Collins at the Shambhala Mountain Center. I went because I did not take any time off for the holidays from work and was feeling like I needed to surround myself with some other spiritually inclined “seekers” and gather some higher energy for myself. I also just watched one of my best friends slowly die this last month and said goodbye to him for the last time before I left for my retreat.

Even though I had already booked my retreat before I knew how sick my friend was, it was perfect timing to have some space to myself alone to sort through my feelings about losing him. I also had an intuitive feeling that there was some kind of message for me up on that mountain in Red Feather Lake, CO. That proved to be exactly the case on the Saturday during my retreat. I received an answer to a burning existential crisis that has been haunting me my whole life. One that is so powerful it should be shouted from the rooftops of all buildings and plastered over every bullshit advertisement, on every billboard in the world; which is why I want to share it with you my dear fellow seekers of evolution.

As I embarked on the 15 minute hike up to the great stupa of Dharmakaya located on the property of Shambhala Mountain Center, I thought about how fortunate I am to live so close to such an enchanting place of wonder. The walk alone is gorgeously inspiring and instead of going with the group tour I went early to sit by myself in the stupa. I sat on a cushion in front of a giant Buddha and meditated for about half an hour before the tour group arrived with one of the meditation teachers.

Once everyone arrived, the teacher asked if anyone had any questions about the inside of the stupa. A young woman gently commented on the fact that the lotus flower is often used in Buddhist artwork and culture and inquired about its symbolism and meaning. I am so glad I was there to hear the teacher’s reply. The teacher humbly answered that the lotus is a symbol of rising up, existing peacefully and thriving out of the dark muddy water. Indeed when I looked up information on this unique flower it turns out it is the only water flower capable of this. “The roots of a lotus flower extend into the mud and the stem grows up through the water and the flower blossoms above the surface. In Buddhist thought, this pattern of growth signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment. Though there are other water plants that bloom above the water, it is only the lotus which, owing to the strength of its stem, regularly rises eight to twelve inches above the surface.”

Excerpt taken from: http://www.religionfacts.com/buddhism/symbols/lotus.htm#sthash.isYyesbd.dpuf

My ears perked up as I realized his simple reply was the key to something very serious I had been thinking about for years and probably “the message” I intuitively knew was there for me. I made a mental note to find the teacher during meal time to delve deeper into this inquiry, outside of a group setting. That night at dinner I got my opportunity as I noticed the hungry crowd dwindling down and the teacher sitting there finishing up his tea. I had thought all afternoon about what I wanted to know and ask him and I knew he probably didn’t have that much time, so I approached him very concisely. I came up to him and without even telling him my name I said, “I heard your answer about the lotus in the stupa, and I’ve been having a serious problem lately with the muck around the lotus. Do you think there is more muck in the world now to deal with or that we are just more ill-equipped on how to deal with and learn from it?” He subtly blew my mind, by satiating my well stated, deep question with a purely transcendent answer. He said he doesn’t buy into all the doom and gloom prophecies about the world although it has been speculated that we are in one of the most difficult time periods for humans and the planet, that the real point and answer to my question was that no matter what time period, 99.9% of being is internal. OH SNAP, WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAN!

There you have it. I have been studying the science of the mind and manifestation with how energy truly works in this world for many years but never did I understand this concept so clearly as when he dropped that wisdom on me. I don’t care how screwed up and sad the world seems anymore and I am not going to waste my energy and time focusing all my energy on that. If 99.9% of our being is internal than all I ever need is to seek solutions to external problems by going internal. All I need is to use my time on this planet to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, a wise soul and use my career to help as many other souls do the same as I can. I am going to be the lotus. Existential crisis averted. We spend many years learning how to exist and take care of ours physical selves and needs, as we should. However after the primitive basics of living are covered like food, shelter, safety, most people never look beyond the curtain of the material tangible world for much else. The lesson of the lotus is the umbrella over books like “The Secret” and many other spiritual teachers’ publications of the fact that the world is awakening and changing its whole paradigm.

We are slowly transitioning from a world where we believe in scarcity and having to fight for limited resources in the material world to a consciousness shift that everything we want to manifest or heal comes from our own internal state. Quantum Physics, has validated through science, much of the knowledge that spiritual text have declared for centuries; that we as humans are not of solid form but are vibrating energy and that whatever frequency our energy is on is also what it will attract. When I said to the meditation teacher I was having trouble with “the muck” around the lotus. I was referring to the fact that if you are a seeker like me, that has been trying to be the lotus rising and help heal, in a world that is one big shitstorm, it can be pretty overwhelming and discouraging at times. In fact the whole effort and experience of human existence can seem downright futile. But if 99.9% of being is internal, then what I see in the external world and chose to focus on is only a reflection of the shitstorm inside of me and that is also the only path in which I can heal anything from- internally from the inside out.

I can understand that a world that has solely focused on the external and material for so long would not only dismiss but be highly threatened by such a concept of having to look at and clean up your own internal state in order for the external to heal. We have all been approaching everything ass-backwards, working our fingers to the bone and scratching our heads of what we can do to heal this seemingly broken world, the solution in this Age of Aquarius is and always will be to use the lotus as our teacher. We are in a time period where no one can seem to get together on anything not even a simple you tube video without conflict. There are so many problems it seems we have all just thrown our hands up and become apathetic and depressed. But the answer to all of it if you want to help, if you want to know what this world needs the most, it needs you to go inward. All you can do to help the world is to help yourself. This doesn’t mean being selfishly inclined to only care about the shallow gathering of gluttonous material possessions and experiences. It means that if you look at and heal your internal state everything externally around you will follow. You will be one little piece of a microcosm contributing positively to the bigger macrocosm and therefore be helping the whole world rise. Explore and heal your internal state and then you will be able to heal and manifest a world around you and for future generations that is a beautiful, harmoniously functioning reflection of one’s own beautiful, harmoniously functioning body, mind and soul. Sound like hooey to you? Just read about quantum physics, because there is a whole branch of new science that can back this up. It is us that have not awakened and accepted this reality yet. So be brave, choose to explore this new paradigm shift and rise up and thrive like the beautiful lotus you were meant to be no matter what kind of muck is all around you. You will be working smarter not harder at everything to eliminate suffering and confusion within yourself and others. The treasures it will bring you are unparalleled and you will be an example to the rest of the world as well as being an antenna, raising the vibration for all others, making it easier for them to understand also.


This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

The Anti-Stress Remedy Everyone Should Know About

May 15, 2014

As us folks in Wyoming wait for the weather to actually feel like spring, I feel that the effects of this vibrant season have been in full force for the last two months. Spring and autumn are the two seasons in the year that are all about transition. While autumn represents a slowing down into hibernation, spring represents a speeding up into awakening and the birth of new life. Though this is a beautiful process, I feel a bit like a grumpy bear being woken up from my peaceful winter slumber. As spring calls us into action and new growth I think it is natural to feel a bit more stress than usual this time of year. Especially when we are waiting for the weather to catch up to our ambitions!

Stress is always a factor any time of the year and something we all should care about managing. Of course we hear this all the time from multiple sources but why is it so important? Our body’s natural response to stress is for our adrenal gland to produce cortisol, the “fight or flight” hormone. In 1936 a medical report called general adaptation syndrome was created by Hans Selye, a Canadian biochemist. Selye defined two types of stress, one being the helpful kind called eustress and the negative kind called distress. Eustress serves a helpful purpose in releasing healthy levels of cortisol to provide increased energy and alertness when we need it only in certain situations and then is designed to subside in the body once the stress or fear is gone. Distress (now significantly more common to modern daily living) is when we don’t ever physically release our stress. Therefore cortisol builds up to unhealthy levels in the body and becomes a negative opposing function to our health that creates a feeling of constant general anxiety. In addition, this overproduction of cortisol has a domino effect that creates an imbalance of health on many levels including:

  • Decreased metabolism
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Fluctuating blood sugar levels
  • Overall memory and ability to learn
  • Bone density
  • Blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease
  • Depression and mental illness
  • Lower life expectancy


So what can we do to combat this new modern response to a very stressful world? You need to know about Adaptogens. The term adaptogens refers to pharmacological/herbal remedies that stabilize the body’s resistance to biological stress and homeostasis of physiological systems. It makes sense that this very term contains the root word “adapt”, as we must adapt to the increasing demands of an ever changing world and evolve our responses to it. There are several herbs in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine that are classified as adaptogens. However for the purposes of simplicity and my own personal experience, I would like to share with you two remedies, under the adaptogens category, that I have tried with great success in managing my own stress levels.

I. Ashwaghanda

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that has incredible stress-relieving properties equivalent to many powerful pharmaceuticals used in treating anxiety and depression. This amazing herb contains profound antioxidant properties that destroy free radicals that lead to several states of disease and aging. It has anti-cancer benefits and a preventative/protective effect on the nervous system against further imbalance as well as being used to alternatively treat

such degenerative diseases as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Take Ashwaghanda on its own or try an anti-stress herbal blend that contains this as one of its ingredients.

The blend I have been using is called Stress Care by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. This blend contains Ashwaghanda in combination with many other adaptogen herbs that collectively keep stress induced cortisol levels within a healthy normal range.

II. Maca Powder

Maca, specifically the root of the plant has long been revered by ancient Peruvian societies as a superfood for healing and nourishment. It is native to the Andean Mountains of Bolivia and Peru and is one of the only food plants in the world able to survive at such high altitudes. In the Incan empire Maca was highly valued for its adaptogenic qualities that enable it to soothe and balance the body's sensitive endocrine system in order to cope with stress. It is also a natural energizer, that is much more even than the nervousness and jitters of caffeine. Maca can also aid in reproductive functions by helping to balance hormones and therefore increase fertility.  The easiest way to incorporate Maca into your diet is through taking direct supplements of the root or adding the powder form of the root into smoothies, yogurt or even baking with.

If you struggle with depression or the constant anxiety of a nervous alley cat and you feel like you just can’t turn off “the stress switch” there is a high likelihood that the cause is from elevated cortisol levels in your body. Try Ashwaghanda and Maca together as a new plan to support your adrenal glands and you will be amazed and delighted at the results you see in only a week or two. Both these blessed plants can help us navigate through an increasingly overwhelming world of constant stress factors that damage our physical and mental health.

Don’t suffer, help yourself, be well and of course come get your regular massages too as massage has the exact same positive effects in rebalancing the body as these wonderful herbs.

Don’t let stress take away your joy in life, be aware of unreleased stress in your body and take control back!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

What Is Love? 

February 17, 2014

What is love? Not just a question for the 90’s techno song, but a deeply profound question that has been asked for centuries and will remain one of the most mysterious and unique of human experiences on this earth plane. As a soul that seeks to understand the nature of love in my life, my path has continually seemed to direct me back towards self-love, as the foundation for comprehending all other forms of love. This makes sense as we cannot be an example of a concept or emit an emotion we do not first possess within ourselves. Due to this nature, for the sake of this article, I would like to explore with you the concept of self-love.

At some point or another in our lives we have of course heard the old wise sayings of our elders reminding us as a child that “if you love yourself then others will treat you how you treat yourself”, and then as an adult “only when you love yourself first will you find your soul mate or partner” . While these are both true and helpful statements of guidance, I don’t ever remember being given much practical discussions as to what it really means, how it actually feels, or what it looks like when you love yourself. Those things I have had to unveil layer by layer through trial, error and a ton of falling on my face. It is easy to tell others and even yourself, “oh yes, I love myself, I am already there” but I have discovered that while many people (myself included) aren’t necessarily lying to ourselves, we may fail to realize that there are multiple layers of how much you love yourself that we have not unveiled let alone actualized yet. As we get older and wiser obviously the progression of how we love ourselves changes. Over the last three years my level of self-love has changed dramatically. The following examples are some of the things I took notice of that I feel significantly mark my own evolution of self-love.



Admitting, accepting, and examining instead of protecting and defending the ego.

1. Admitting you are not content with your current circumstances instead of being complacent and/or trying to maintain the “happy mask” for the rest of the world. Giving up the importance you place on what others may think of you and what you need to do.

2. Admit when you are out of control/don’t know what to do about something anymore and actively seeking help from an outside resource. This means seeking out a friend, going to counseling, a support group or a church all depending on your circumstance. This can also mean changing a circumstance that you are in, like where you live or who you are with, in a relationship.

3. Accept that from a spiritual point of view everything in your life is the way it is because subconsciously or consciously you manifested it by the energy and intentions that you put out into the world. This turns into closely examining and observing your intentions, energy and behaviors honestly but not judgmentally even if they really suck. (This is once again where friends and counseling can be a healthy mirror)

4. Realize all the negative thoughts in a day that you have about yourself and change the way you talk to yourself and about others, from harshly critical- into the kind of encouraging, proactive statements you would tell a child who is learning something.

5. Royally mess up everything in steps 1-3 that you just learned about 20-100 times until you just don’t like the results anymore and are fed up with paddling against your own current. Then clean house and- ALIGN ALL INTENTIONS WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE ACTIONS IN YOUR LIFE! This means once again taking a brutally honest inventory (despite what your ego wants to believe) of the gap between what you would like to think about, feel and spend your time on and what you actually do.


Delaying gratification and being comfortable with not feeling so comfortable.

1. Freedom really can be found through discipline even though it seems contrary. If you have the discipline of delaying getting something you want in the moment for the bigger picture of what is actually best for you, than you will change bad habits one action at a time.

2. By choosing actions that are in your best interest and rejecting all others-you are choosing to participate in a universal higher energy path that will lead to a greater experience of abundance, health and love in your world.

3. Learn how to be ok with being temporarily uncomfortable while you are changing your habits and behaviors. Instead of taking your uneasiness as a sign that you are not on the right path or as an excuse to give up and head to the nearest watering hole; realize that feeling slightly uncomfortable with changes, is a perfectly natural way to feel, as your ego eases into giving up past versions of the identities it has clung to.


Having fun with self-care and trusting your new love for yourself.

1. This kind of spiritual work of learning to love yourself in deeper layers isn’t all painstaking and uncomfortable; in fact most of it can be really fun and rewarding practices that you incorporate daily. The importance is in little details like when you want to rush out the door instead of fixing a water bottle for yourself- think how much better you will feel if you keep yourself properly hydrated. That is a little thing you can do daily that shows that you love yourself and want to be well.

2. Other Fun Things to do for self-care:

a. Go to a natural grocery store and buy about $50 worth of colorful beautiful fragrant organic fruits and vegetables, spend time picking and smelling each one. Try eating as much of this in the next five days as possible and notice how good and vibrant you feel

b. Buy some new bath products, man or woman go buy a new loofah or scrubby gloves, new organic natural body wash, special Epsom salts for baths, facial mask, lotions, essential oil perfumes and spend time on your bathing routine. You can do skin brushing with a dry or wet skin brush to increase circulation and detoxify your body. Nightly baths with Epsom salts and your favorite essential oils are so good for easing tension and increasing quality of sleep.

c. Schedule massage, acupuncture, facials, tanning appointments- whatever you feel like, but either way it makes that particular hour all about your self-care.

d. Meditating and journaling how you feel instead of feeling alienated or pissed off.

e. Learn how to sprout, grow a little window garden of herbs, because knowing how to grow things that are superfoods for your body is a very peaceful and rewarding experience.

f. Learn about cleanses and do one, you know you have always been curious! (Look for my special cleansing article to some out in spring)

g. Buy a new workout video to do at home, dancing, Pilates, yoga or cardio or join a class!

h. Buy some new clothes, even if it’s just at a thrift store.

i. Go to a liquor store and pretend you are picking out the best bottle of wine for a friend and then drink it yourself with some high end smoked gouda etc. just for the sake of the fact that you deserve top shelf stuff too and more often than just on birthdays.

j. Buy a new book and actually block out an afternoon as if it were official appointments to read it.

k. Turn your phone off, who cares!

3. Say no to hanging out with friends too late and drinking etc. when you know you have stuff to do in the morning or it will make you feel like crap!!!

4. On this note say no to friends that upon hanging out with as you grow up and out, that you realize don’t have your best interest at heart or are just plain negative and un-fun.

5. Don’t try and be with somebody of the opposite sex that treats you anything less than excellent, just because you are lonely, no matter how lonely!!! This one is really, really hard but important!!!

When you realize all the ways you can love yourself, you will surely be more able to love everyone around you, which in turn brings even more love to you! I hope you have enjoyed my list of things I have learned about how to better practice self-love. I would really enjoy doing a follow up article with a list compiled from you all as my readers. If there is something you have begun doing in the last few years that is all about self-love just for you, write to me through my website or Facebook and let me know and I will feature it in a follow up article!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

Believing In Abundance

October 16, 2013

We as the human race were given the gift of evolving on an incredibly abundant and generous overflowing planet of resources and potential. What have we done with it? Not only have we been destroying the very resources that would sustain us naturally but mankind has created a social system within the planet that is a lie. The grand lie is that we don't have enough of what we need, so in order to survive, that some people get to live well, comfortably, struggling, poor or not at all.

I recently challenged my own blocks in my life to receiving success and abundance. I realized that the underlying subconscious decision I had made about money was that I already feel so blessed and like I have a lot more than some other people therefore don't deserve anymore than I have and well that is exactly the way I have been living for a long time- that I don't deserve more than what I already have. But saying that I don't deserve more because some people have so little- while noble, is a lie and is like claiming there isn't enough abundance to go around for everyone. Which is incongruent with my core philosophy that there is enough of everything on this planet to support everyone's dreams, success and abundance, so long as we are conscious and not greedy for the sake of an unchecked ego.

I firmly believe that the only thing we can do to help anything is truly to "be the change we wish to see", which is often difficult as it is easier to point your finger to blame and chastise external circumstances, however in the matter of abundance I would like to start unraveling the truth which is that there is enough resources and love on this planet for every single living thing to be happy, healthy, and successfully thriving. We as humans are the ones that created the illusion of lack and the concept that we need to be fighting each other over any resource at all.

Therefore if you and I ever thought we were being noble and humble by not thinking we deserve more than we already have in life, then we are choosing to participate in the lie that "there is not enough", when in reality there is. And I am definitely not talking about just wanting more to be gluttonous or because your soul lacks something it's trying to fill, I am talking about wanting more living. Money to start a business idea you have always wanted, being able to afford participating in grand traveling adventures, being able to visit the ones you miss and love and want to spend time with, buying an instrument or picking up a hobby or interest that better expresses who you are.

I refuse to believe that I don't deserve to do exactly what I was put on this earth to do, what gives my life meaning- is being able to express who I am in various creative ways, experience what there is to experience around me and have the time and leeway to wander around a bit on this planet and you can't do any of these things when you choose to exist in the "we don't have enough" zone. Break out of it and believe in abundance, it is there.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

Overcoming the Winter Blahs

Thursday, January 09, 2014

As a gal from Wyoming and Norwegian by descent I’ve never minded all the snow and ice in fact I find it comforting. In keeping in tune with the seasons I quite appreciate the times where I can hide in my warm apartment and watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy back to back with my kitties. Winter is a time when everything in nature hibernates and is a wonderful time for silence and reflection. That being said there are still those days where my van won’t start because it was -20 during the night, I can’t find a matching hat and scarf set to save my life and start feeling a little blah. After living in Wyoming and Colorado for almost 15 years on and off here are some of the things I do to cheer up, may they serve you well.


Go tanning or buy a light therapy lamp or bulbs for your house with a full UV spectrum. My pale Norwegian skin does not tan and I don’t want to look like Snookie but seriously the tanning thing works wonders- after about three sessions you’ll wonder why you never did this. It cheers you up and energizes you and there are now special beds with only the healthy UV rays so it won’t damage your skin. To the side of this article is a link to a wonderful UV light lamp that also spreads ions in the air to combat depression, so if you don’t want to go to a tanning salon buy one of those to enjoy from the comfort of your own house.


Go to the store and buy some fresh flowers, a pineapple, CD of Hawaiian music and a papaya facial mask! Anything from the Alba Hawaiian group of products is a whiff of super tropical yumminess and Alba is a well known excellent natural skin care company. Sometimes reminders that the sun hasn’t completely neglected you and is coming back feel simply joyful! Scent and sound are powerful mood triggers and your mind won’t know the difference between a tropical vacation and polar land when you surround yourself by a few Caribbean comforts. Coconut oil is fabulous for the skin during dry winters and for cooking, plus it smells like you’ve been laying on a beach somewhere reading your favorite book, so pick some of that up too!


There is nothing cozier than spreading an electric blanket across your couch or in your bed so the sheets aren’t cold when you get in. I will never understand how in summer I can’t stand my home temperature being anything above 65 degrees but in winter I crank my heat to 75 and love every gluttonous minute of my warm hobbit hole. Don’t deprive yourself, trust me, it’s worth the extra cost to your electric bill to fell the crankiness of being cold 24/7.


As we get older with more stress in our lives, we naturally produce less and less of the happy chemicals in our brain. There is the Vitamin D factor in suggestions #1 that contributes to rebuilding good feelings but exercise will always be the prime champion solution to fighting blahs any old season because of the amazing endorphins it releases. Massage also releases these endorphins; they are your body’s natural pain killers and blah killers. Do you know how many great workout videos that you don’t even need to buy equipment for are available at thrift stores and The Movie Buff on 2 St. in Casper, WY for less than $5? I hate leaving the house to work out in the winter but inside it’s a dance party with Paula Abdul’s Get Up and Dance Video. Tryptophan is also an amino acid that is a precursor to building serotonin in the brain and you can buy it for $10 at any natural food/supplement shop. Not only does it regulate sleep which can be thrown off by changes in light during the winter but it gives your body an extra boost of serotonin safely and naturally. I never go a day without taking some.


Remember that recipe you’ve been meaning to try or that novel trapped inside your head? I know it’s hard to find motivation sometimes. However, dedicating your time to the things that seem ridiculous to do indoors on a beautiful summer’s day, will keep you learning and growing and will help you remember why winter can be a wonderful and peaceful time to accomplish all those things on your indoor bucket list. I hope these suggestions brighten your winter days. Us Wyomingites are approaching those last five months of winter that can be the most frustrating to get through so put some money and time into your winter self-care and empower yourself to cheer up!

“Little darling I feel the ice is slowly melting, little darling it feels like years since it’s been here, here comes the sun, do do do do, here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright”- THE BEATLES

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

How To Build Your Immune System Naturally

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Even though Autumn and Winter are my favorite times of the year, we are entering the notorious season for colds and flu’s that can kill your energy and holiday fun. The following is a list of my favorite immune building products that I use to proactively guard my immune system in this season. In addition to incorporating some of these products into your daily nutrition, staying active even when the weather changes and receiving regular massages will also keep your immune system in its optimal state. This is because exercise and massage aids in flushing out toxins from your body quickly and effectively contributing to homeostasis in the body. The following are my favorites due to their effectiveness, no side effects and price (especially when you compare the cost to a doctor’s visit and waiting there for hours while you feel at your worst). Instead of waiting to catch the crud this year, practice preventative measures by building up your immune system now. You may take all of these or 1or 2 but stock your medicine cabinet now with these amazing little immune helpers and you will thank yourself later!

* Always read labels of these products as they have the best information of how long and how much you should be taking.

1. Ashwaganda

Ashwaganda is an Ayurvedic (Indian, Hindu Alternative Medicine System) herb that is used to actually help the body adapt to stress by bringing down levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the flight or fight hormone that is released when we are dealing with stress, but constant or high levels of it break down the immune system. This is why we are more prone to catching colds right when we seem to be already dealing with too much in our lives. In this way Ashwaganda works double time to help you actually feel calmer and guards your immune system. I have used it now for about a year for anxiety/stress and have seen so many benefits that I can feel a huge drop in my well being if I skip a few days taking it. I have provided side links to these products for you to purchase on Amazon or you may get them locally at Natural Grocers or Alpenglow Natural Foods here in Casper, Wyoming.

2. Cayenne, Ginger and Tumeric

I combined these on this list of mine because they all have very similar properties and are gentle and extremely beneficial for many everyday uses any time of the year. Fresh is best for the ginger and turmeric but the turmeric can be hard to find fresh so you can just mix all three of these together in a drink from powder or take the capsule supplement form before and/or during any illness. As all of these amazing herbs are powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal immune builders in addition to treating pain (particularly with arthritis or in joints), inflammation, circulatory and digestive disorders. The following is a link to a great article about this with a drink recipe included.

"Ginger, Cayenne and Turmeric Cold Elixir"

3. Echinacea

By now you probably know about this herb for taking during an illness but you can take it preventatively too when you are at increased risk (such as working in health fields, restaurants or travelling). Echinacea fights infections and was used as an antibiotic way before pharmecueticals antibiotics were produced. Echinacea also increases chemicals in the body that decrease inflammation, which might reduce cold and flus.

As with most herbs, don't skimp on the quality you purchase just for a good price, because the effectiveness has everything to do with how it is grown and harvested.

4. Lemons

Always have fresh lemons in your kitchen for fall and winter! Add them to every glass of water and tea that you drink for extra fresh vitamin c in your diet and because they help clean your liver and body of toxins.

5. Medicinal Mushrooms

There is so many amazing things to say about the benefit of mushrooms. These little plant geniuses are one of natures most beneficial gifts to human health and yet still so little is said about eating or taking mushroom supplements. The following is a link to a wonderful article on this that includes a talk with Paul Stamets, who created the best blend on the market I have ever found and is an accomplished Mycologist.

"Natures Most Powerful Medicine found in Mushrooms"

6. Olive Leaf

Olive leaf was first used medicinally in Ancient Egypt. It was a symbol of heavenly power and was even used to mummify pharaohs. It has been used since as a powerful defense against illness and has multiple other benefits such as increasing energy, regulating healthy blood pressure, and supporting the cardiovascular system. I think the oil is the most effective so I have included a link to that so you can see what it looks like. (Barlean's is a wonderful company for high quality organic oils).

7. Probiotics

If you are like me and have digestive issues, you are probably already taking probiotics to keep your colon healthy. However, many people still don't realize how much your colon relates to your immune system. When there is an imbalance of bad bacteria in the intestine it wrecks your ability to fight viruses and bacteria so you should be taking these especially all fall and winter. Buy high quality living probiotics at your local health food store as these need refrigeration at all times.

8. Colloidal Silver

Yes it is silver in liquid form and is a powerful antibiotic that doesn’t upset your stomach or further harm your immune system. So powerful in fact that many pharmeceutical companies want to have it banned because it is ten times better and healthier than the expensive and ineffective antibiotics on the market. The following article has everything you need to know about it.

"Everything you need to know about Colloidal Silver"

9. Source Naturals Wellness Formula

This blend is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and multi-herb supplement that addresses potential imbalances in all the bodies systems. If you do nothing else on this list definitely grab a bottle of these for an easy and effective way of guarding yourself against workplace/school colds and flus.

I hope this articles helps you be well this season so you can enjoy all the beauty and fun activities of fall. Many harvest blessings to you and your loved ones!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

How To Control Inflammation in The Body For Optimal Health

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The word inflammation in Latin means “to ignite or set alight”. Put simply, inflammation can be described as our body’s natural response to any injury or agitation of our tissues. On a deeper level, the inflammatory response “sets alight” a plethora of cellular wonders designed to protect and heal the area.


There are two types of inflammation. The first one is acute inflammation. The word acute is synonymous with words like serious, critical or dire. In medical terms it is often used to describe a more immediate or localized response. Acute inflammation is the protective process that the body uses when presented with harmful stimuli, by rushing extra plasma and leukocytes from the bloodstream to the injured tissues. In addition to the cells in the injured area the immune and vascular systems work swiftly together to achieve the important task of initiating healing.


The second type of inflammation is chronic inflammation. This type of inflammation is used to describe a pathology that is prolonged in the biological response systems which is why it can be a simultaneously protective and negative action in the body. Prolonged inflammation in an area actually begins to change the type of cells present and destroy the tissue.


Acute inflammation in tissues can be remedied by applying ice or from taking a drug like aspirin or ibuprofen. In a normal healthy person acute inflammation is mild and fast to heal therefore it isn’t the kind of health threat that is the case with chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can be brought on by something in the body going wrong during acute inflammation and never recovering from initial agitation. It can also begin from stress, poor diet, viral infection, autoimmune reactions and foreign or non-degradable pathogens. Chronic inflammation is almost like getting a car stuck in first gear. What should be a simple process to heal a tissue goes all screwy and then just stays in a stagnant state. As mentioned before in this article, chronic inflammation changes the cells in an area into predominately macrophages. While these cells are strongly defensive to the body, the toxins that they release are invading and destructive to the tissues.

On the moderate scale you may develop depression, muscle loss, aches, pain and fatigue. However, there are many serious disorders associated with developing chronic inflammation; see below. Inflammation is so synonymous with disease in fact that it could be said if inflammation didn’t exist than either would disease.

· Alzheimer’s

· Anemia

· Arthritis

· Asthma

· Autism

· Auto inflammatory diseases

· Autoimmune diseases

· Carpal Tunnel

· Celiac Disease

· Congestive Heart Failure

· Crohn’s Disease

· Eczema

· Fibromyalgia

· Fibrosis

· Inflammatory bowel diseases

· Lupus

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Rheumatoid arthritis

Whether referring to acute or chronic inflammation (a swollen finger from slamming in door or systemic takeover of inflammation in one of the body’s many systems and types of cells) there are many inexpensive, proactive and self-sufficient things one can do to prevent the potential health threats of unchecked inflammation.


Most people know by now if you have an acute injury such as a muscle sprain, overexertion or injury that icing the area is recommended. But have you ever thought about why this works? Cold causes vasoconstriction which is the narrowing of the blood vessels. With this narrowing the effects of inflammation in an area are pushed out and away from the initial site so that everything can begin going back to normal quicker. It is the difference between letting a bunch of drunken people stumble out at their leisure, when a bar is closing, or actively kicking them all out at once so you can clean up and go home. Taking ibuprofen or aspirin will also induce an anti-inflammatory clean up party. These tactics are time tested, safe and effective for acute inflammation. However if things are more serious and turning into chronic inflammation land, then icing your body all day or overly relying on medicines that will eventually harm your organs isn’t a long term solution to controlling inflammation. The following holistic methods are safe and effective solutions for dealing with chronic inflammation.

#1 Diet

Many people don’t realize that the foods we eat will either cause more inflammation in the body or help eliminate it. Now that more people are starting to wake up to this fact, there are many wonderful resources out there on how to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Here is a link to a wonderful resource on this subject by Dr. Andrew Weil. I have a cookbook that he helped write that I really love because it follows the “food as medicine” principle but he holds so much pertinent knowledge on this valuable and extensive website. Diet is so important in controlling inflammation that the majority of people that have switched to an anti-inflammatory diet, report that straying from it for even a few days causes a noticeably adverse difference in their health.

Dr. Andrew Weil's Website on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

#2 Herbal Support

By either cooking with these a lot or just taking them in supplement form the following herbs are all powerful anti-inflammatories. The beauty of these herbs is that they are all safe and gentle enough to be taken regularly for long term with no secondary adverse side effects and you won’t build up a tolerance like most pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories.






#3 Regular Exercise and Massage Therapy

Both regular exercise and massage therapy shake things up in our muscles/tissues and increase circulation. By first stirring up trapped toxins and inflammation from their long time hiding spots and then flushing them out with better circulation, we can give our bodies the extra push needed to eliminate inflammation when it has become stagnant and stuck.


Many people that feel unwell, never equate this to a state of chronic inflammation present but it is so much more common than people think. This makes understanding what inflammation is and how to control it long term, an extremely important subject to taking care of oneself in modern times. Whether you suffer from constant pain, aches, depression or one of the diseases listed in this article; making a proactive effort to learn about and control inflammation in the body will make you feel 100 times better. Don't just listen to me write it, try it out and see for yourself!

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

5 Superfoods for Nutrients and Energy

Friday, May 10, 2013

Food in modern times has become more about comfort and indulgence than health. There is however the school of thought that food can be used as medicine. The following is a short and quick list of 5 superfoods that are safe, easy to prepare, and can have amazing far reaching health benefits!

1. Unprocessed Cacao Beans (beans chocolate is made from)

Unprocessed Cacao beans by themselves or in the form of chocolate that has been cool pressed rather than roasted (so it does not destroy the health properties from heat) are among one of the highest antioxidant rich foods in the world. Believe it or not these types of pure unprocessed chocolates can provide an unparalleled source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to your diet. Antioxidants destroy disease-causing free radicals from pollutants in our environment and fight the chemicals in our bodies that stress produces in our fast paced society!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is usually found in health food stores and sold unfiltered therefore there is a protein enzyme strain called the mother which naturally occurs in bottles. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates used apple cider vinegar for its energizing and cleansing properties. My favorite way to drink it is by pouring 1-2 tsps. in water with honey hot or cold. It is excellent for balancing PH levels in the body which is also why it is used in facial mask for the skin too.

3. Miso Soup

Miso soup is made from a fermented soy bean paste and dissolved into hot water. If you love sushi like I do you have probably ordered Miso soup at a Japanese restaurant. However few people know that Miso paste can be used to make salad dressings, dips and marinades and has many secret health benefits. Consuming miso soup has been linked to a reduction of the risk of breast cancer, and an even fewer known fact is that it actually draws nicotine out of the blood for people who want to quit smoking. It can be a great substitute for chicken broth for vegetarians when you are not feeling well and is extremely easy to make.

4. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is the young grass of the wheat plant that can either be in powder form or preferably juiced from the blades of grass. You can find wheatgrass juice at any health food store or juice counter as it is usually taken in a shot glass in 1 ounce increments or mixed in with other vegetable and fruit juices. Wheatgrass not only gives you a huge boost of energy that can last for hours but is supercharged with amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and chlorophyll which oxygenates the blood producing a very content feeling. It is like a V-8 times 100! Try it when you need a boost or drink it once a week to help keep your immune system in top shape!

5. Flax Seed/Oil

Flax seed is a natural laxative which is why it is found in high fiber cereals. Besides keeping your colon clean flax seed is highly rich in omega-3 oils which are a good type of fat that your body utilizes for healthy skin, hair, and nails and even has disease fighting properties. You can buy flax seed at health food stores and sprinkle it on yogurt, fruit, bake with it, or buy the oil and pour a bit in your morning smoothie!

I invite you try out some of these amazing super foods for yourself and experience the increase in your vitality and overall feeling of well-being.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

How to Do An Energy Clearing For Your Space

Friday, May 10, 2013 

The whole universe is made of energy. This is not some hippy ideal but a universal, scientific and metaphysical law. The interesting fact is that we usually only consider energy when we don't have it or when it is not working the way we want it to. Our electricity in our house can go out in a storm, we can get sick and loose our physical energy and then there is a less obvious form of energy that lives within spaces that can also "go bad". You may not notice this kind of energy directly but intuitively we know when we are around a person or place that doesn't sit well with our comfort level for whatever reason. Sometimes energy in a room just gets stagnant from not being used or sometimes it could be that a very negative person inhabited the space and turned the energy bad.

No matter what the reason is houses need energy cleaning just like they need vacuuming or dusting. Doing an energy cleaning or "clearing" to your home can have numerous benefits ranging from bringing physical energy back to its inhabitants, organization, a greater feeling of contentment/cheerfulness, to actually attracting good things to happen within the space. This is why people have 'housewarming parties" when they move in to instinctually create a more lived in atmosphere of a new place. This philosophy is also well documented and explored in Feng Shui, which is the more in depth philosophy that your home is a metaphor in which each room represents a certain aspect of your external life. The following practices are taken from studying energy clearing and some principles of Feng Shui. Give them a try when your home needs new life and more happiness!

1. Break The Energy Up

Use a drum, bells, whistle, or even bang on a pan with a kitchen spoon, but you must go around all the corners of your house and break up the stagnant energy that is looming. The sound waves and even the act of just walking around and doing this to parts of your house/rooms you rarely step in stirs the energy in the space. This is why pets are so great because having little kitties or a dog that does this naturally keeps energy moving.

2. Smoke Out The Bad

Sage wands (tightly wrapped together sage) are available at any health food store or incense shop and have been used since Native American times for their cleansing their properties. Smoke has been used throughout the ages to cleanse and even communicate with spirit worlds. You may also use your favorite incense. Once around go around to every corner and walk in a circle in every room spreading the cleansing smoke in every nook and cranny. Think of something that makes you happy or that you would like to happen there like friends gathering together as you are doing this.

3. Sun Charged Bowl Of Water

While you are doing your cleaning during the day take a large kitchen bowl and fill it with water and put it out in the sun to get charged by the solar energy. When you go to bed at night put the bowl of water in the center of room you are trying to clear and say out loud or imagine to yourself the bowl of water gathering up all the negative energy as you sleep. When you get up in the morning imagine all the bad energy now being captured by this sun charged bowl of water and throw the water outside somewhere. This sounds funny but some people have actually reported water being a darker color in the morning!

4. Clean Out All Closets!!!!!

There is nothing better you can do for yourself if are feeling scattered and restless than to clean out your closets! Closets are deep metaphors of the things we harbor for the better and worse in our lives. Get rid of those things you don't need anymore and discover some things you forgot you had and use them! Re-organize so you know what you own and give a way what you truly don't need. This invites new blessings to come into your life. After all the universe cannot fill a cup that it sees as already full!

5. Invite New Fresh Air In

Open all your windows for the whole day, turn your fans on and let the breeze blow out all the old stale energy. Buy some flowers or house plants to breathe new air into the room and finish off this process by buying a white candle that you burn for a good 2-3 hours. Say a prayer for your new positively energy charged room and imagine all the warm and good things that will happen in that space as you let the flame burn away any remaining negativity and welcome in the new comforting energy.

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.

A Beginners Guide to Internal Cleansing for Spring

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As the ground unfreezes and little buds of new life start peeking out with the promise of spring, there is a natural feeling of new freshness all around. In holistic healing our bodies tend to operate best when our actions coincide with the seasons we are experiencing in the external world. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our bodies so that we can experience the joy of being in tune with the new life opportunities that the season has to offer. I began doing internal cleanses when I was only 16 years old and very much by trial and error. Over the last 17 years I have done probably 10 or so serious internal cleanses and many mini ones. 

Whenever I have started discussing internal cleansing it seems that anybody within earshot is always quite curious about what it is and how you do it. I am happy that there is a great interest in this subject however I have noticed that much of the information on how to do an internal cleanse, for better health, is overwhelming, confusing or inadequate. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what internal cleansing is, why and how you do it, and some advice to avoid pitfalls and maximize the benefits of your cleansing experience. Obviously there is an abundance of wonderful information on internal cleansing out there but since most of you reading this are new to cleansing or are probably a bit apprehensive I want to give you a guide that is practical and easy to apply. When it comes to health the point is to keep growing and learning to be better not to know every little detail or be perfect. If you would like an in depth book for more detailed information I highly recommend Internal Cleansing by Linda Berry, D.C. ISBN0-7615-2932-2 by Prima Publishing


With the amount of toxins in our food, air and water supplies, anyone can gain better health through internal cleansing, preferably twice a year in Spring and Fall (the transitional seasons). Pregnant women or people with compromised immune systems or special medical circumstances should not do cleansing unless supervised by a doctor. Even though everyone can gain immense benefits from internal cleansing, the following are some common symptoms of imbalance in the body that internal cleansing can resolve:

Bowel Disorders- constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, gas

Systemic Imbalances- acne, bad breath, yeast/vaginal infections, skin rashes/boils

Cyclic Disturbances- insomnia, headaches for no reason, irregular menstrual cycles, and changes in appetite like over or under eating, constant fatigue or moodiness

Immune System Failure- chronic allergies, congestion, colds and viruses


The name of the game in cleansing is to release and eliminate. In other words you have to get your cells to let go of the toxins they are storing and then eliminate them so they don’t re-enter the bloodstream causing what is called autointoxication (when you are poisoned by substances produced by your own body due to improper digestion and elimination).


How do you get your cells to let go of stored toxins?

a. Temporarily cease consumption of toxic or irritating foods and substances so that your body’s natural ability to detoxify strengthens.

b. Commit to a diet during cleanse that consist of organic, anti-inflammatory, simple foods and drink lots of clean water.

c. Take detoxifying herbs and nutritional supplements in order to aid the body in the process of releasing harmful substances that have built up in your body such as drugs, pesticides, free radicals and heavy metals.


How do you safely and effectively eliminate released toxins?

a. Drink plenty of clean water

b. Take natural supplements such as activated charcoal, bentonite clay and or a fiber supplement that will grab onto toxins and sweep them through the colon and out of the body.

c. Exercise, meditation and plenty of rest.



First you will need to do some shopping- for those of you who live in Casper, WY you can find most of these products between going to Natural Grocers and Alpenglow Natural Foods downtown, for anything you cannot find locally, you may use links to the side to easily find these products online.



a. Go to Natural Grocers or somewhere with organic quality produce and buy about pick out a week’s worth (about $50 of produce) of any combination of colorful fruits and vegetables that jump out at you, your body’s first intuitions know what you need while shopping (just like with muscle testing and vitamins)

  • 10 Organic Lemons
  • Organic Almond or Peanut Butter
  • Kefir or Favorite Yogurt
  • Bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 4 large boxes of Rice Dream rice milk
  • Miso Paste
  • Raw honey or organic molasses
  • Bag of Quinoa or any gluten free grain
  • Bottle of probiotics (at least a two week supply if taken according to directions) from refrigerator section- acidophilus or a probiotic blend is fine
  • Bulk or jar (about 20 tsps.)of cayenne pepper
  • Nettle and Peppermint Tea bags
  • Bottle of Lavender Oil


1 Nature’s Secret Multiherb Digestion and Detox 275 Tablets

1 16 oz. bottle of Yerba Prima Great Plains Liquid Bentonite

1 fl oz. bottle of NuScience Health Cell Food Oxygen Supplement

Jar or bag of psyllium husk or Renew Life Fiber Smart (recommended if you have a sensitive colon or past digestive issues or if you just don't like the effects of the psyllium- also has probiotics in it for additional support)

e. Bag of Epsom Salts



Doing an internal cleanse requires extra time, energy and patience in your life. Therefore it is a good idea to take on doing an internal cleanse at a period in your life that doesn’t include unnecessary or extra stresses beyond usual everyday living. For example, not when you are moving, starting a new job, making or breaking in a relationship etc. Pick your official start date for your cleanse. 3-5 days before hand you need to start weaning off of any and all drugs (of course except for medically necessary medications) alcohol, sodas, caffeine, sugar, nicotine, processed foods, dairy, breads and meats. It is a good idea to tell a group of supportive friends and family when you are going to be doing your cleanse and advise them that you may be moodier or need more time to yourself while going through this. The preparation stage’s purpose is to make the chemical changes to your body and the mental and spiritual transitions of cleansing less abrupt, so that you have a positive and safe cleansing experience.


a. DIET: So even though your shopping list may seem like a lot of new ingredients, don’t feel overwhelmed, this is easy. Basically your diet needs to consist of only clean organic non-inflammatory foods. Once again this means no meat, breads or dairy (yogurt is an exception due to its exceptional probiotics). You don’t need to follow a schedule of when or how much you eat just as long as what you are eating is either a fruit, veggie, nut or nut butter, yogurt or non-gluten grain which is why I recommend the quinoa because it is high in protein and gluten free. I feel it is important to incorporate a bit of grain during a cleanse to help you feel full since most Americans are not accustomed to a diet without bread or meat in it and will feel very hungry without a grain. Have fun with your veggies, you can cook them or eat them raw with whatever oil/vinegar or lemon juice dressing. (STEP AWAY FROM THE RANCH AND THOUSAND ISLAND!) Also, as a food/nutrient and a hydration resources you may heat up organic vegetable broth or dissolve miso paste in hot water while cleansing. It actually extracts nicotine from the body and has been linked to a decrease in risk of breast cancer.


HERBAL TOXIN RELEASE SUPPORT:In the morning take your Nature’s Secret Multi Digestion and Detox pills as directed on the bottle. I believe you start with one a day and build up to several per day over time. Renew Life also makes great cleansing products. There are tons of herbal cleansing companies and their formulas out there that you are welcome to try. I personally recommend Nature’s Secret Multidigestion and Detox because I have experience with it and have been very satisfied with it being gentle on the body and non-interactive with other medications etc.

NOURSHING ALL SYSTEMS WITH CELL FOOD:You want to take your cell food as directed on the bottle as well which will be in water or juice 3 times a day or your whole daily dose in one water bottle to drink throughout the day. To understand what cell food is and why it is used in cleansing and for every day amazing benefits, please read the following mini booklet: http://drdaviddyer.com/Portals/0/pdfsandfiles/Dyer%20Cellfood%20Book.pdf

TAKE PROBIOTICS THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Take probiotics half hour before you eat several times a day (it’s ok if it’s while you eat, it’s just more effective if taken before) as always, follow directions on bottle but know that really you can never take too many probiotics. Consistency in taking your probiotic supplements will make such a difference in your digestive systems ability to properly eliminate toxins during a cleanse.


WATER: Drinking plenty of water and fluids is crucial in getting your body to get rid of unwanted toxins and flushing them out of your system. While on a cleanse always have a water bottle preferably glass or no BPA plastic with purified quality water in it. A good rule of thumb every day even while not on a cleanse is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water, but when you are on a cleanse you want to add about 32 ounces more every day to that equation. In addition to water try incorporating the following drinks into your cleanse as much or as little as you would like.

HERBAL TEA: Brew yourself the Nettle, Peppermint or whatever herbal tea you would like throughout the day or night any time you would like and as much as you would like, put lemon in it for added cleansing properties. NOTE* To get the real benefits out of herbal teas you need to fully boil kettle water, cover your mug with a plate and steep for at least 10-15 minutes.

LEMON CAYENNE DRINK:Also 2 great cleansing drinks that will help release toxins from your cells and cleanse the organs are:

8 oz. purified water

1 tsp. cayenne powder

3 tbsps. fresh lemon juice

1 tbsps. of raw honey or organic molasses


8 oz. purified water

2 tsps. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tbsps. Raw honey


While all the yummy nourishing foods and supplements do their job to release toxins from your cells, you must make sure you do something to eliminate them out of your body; otherwise they will just recirculate through your system and make you feel poisoned (autointoxication that was discussed at beginning of article). This is achieved in getting the bowels to move regularly and frequently to not only eliminate built up waste from over the years but also eliminate all the new toxins that are being released from your cleansing.

NIGHTLY “P& B SHAKES”: So these are probably the least fun part of a cleanse but so crucial and beneficial. When you see and feel the rewards of cleaning up your colon it is a motivating experience that outweighs the unpleasantness of these shakes. You will need to make yourself a “P&B Shake” every night before you go to bed. NOTE *You may do more of these shakes than just the one at night, throughout the day if you want to, but do not take bentonite within the same hour as any nutritional supplements as it will absorb some of the nutrients, rendering them less effective.

PYSLLIUM HUSK: are a natural indigestible soluble fiber (meaning it is not absorbed by the body but simply moves through it) this is the “P” in your shake.

BENTONITE CLAY: Yerba Prima Great Plains Liquid Bentonite is the best quality vs. price I have found that stays liquefied well for these shakes. Bentonite is a natural cleansing laxative that pulls heavy metals and toxins from the colon. This is the “B” in your shake.

For more info on the internal uses of bentonite here is a great website:



Put 8-12 oz. of Rice Dream rice milk in blender

Add 1-3 tsps. of psyllium husk (you might want to start with 1 tsp. then build up to 3 to see how your body reacts)Add 1-3 tsps. of liquid bentonite clay

Blend and drink immediately followed by a full glass of water

These shakes will make you feel very full and a slight bloated feeling the first few times is normal. Most of the time it takes a few days for these shakes to go through your colon and produce a noticeable result, so don’t be discouraged or worried if you do not notice any positive effects right away, especially if you have not had regular bowel movements in the past. In a few days you will see and feel the difference in the size, color and frequency of your bowel movements. You will feel significantly better once you are eliminating properly from your colon.



You may not feel anything in a positive or negative direction the first few days, but you also may feel the effects of your cleanse immediately. It is normal to feel like you are withdrawing from heavy drugs physically and emotionally, because you are! This includes- irritability, sweating, insomnia, headaches and just a general uneasiness about everything. The first few days are often the hardest because your body doesn’t know what is going on and the full brunt of your dietary and health changes are full force in this beginning stage. But hang in there! This is what the lavender oil and Epsom salts are for so you can take relaxing baths at the end of the day. Always get plenty of rest as you will need more than usual while your body is using its energy to cleanse. Remember to breath, mediate, get bodywork, do yoga and or take walks to help with any emotional frustrations during any stage of your cleanse! It is important to have emotional support in talking to trusted friends, holistic practioners or journaling your thoughts and feelings every day too!


At this stage of your cleanse you are learning what a day of cleansing feels like and entails and getting more comfortable with its effects. Your diet, hydration and elimination steps will stay the same, but as per the directions on your bottles, your dosage of supplements will be going up gradually to maximize the efficiency of your cleanse. In my opinion this is the nectar stage of a cleanse where you really start feeling it work in a positive and magical way on your body and your emotions. You may experience feelings of extreme energy, euphoria, happiness, freedom and peace. You may also feel old feelings that were trapped in your cells (as humans have cellular memory) come up that you don’t always know why or where are they are coming from. Just do what you have to do without judgment. If you feel angry then write it out or talk to a friend or just sit down and feel it. If you feel sad then allow yourself to cry without asking why or trying to stop yourself. Part of cleansing is healing the negative emotions that are trapped in your body, thereby making you sick just as much as physical toxins.


In this stage you should be at a medium dosage with your supplements. At this point you may also experience what is known as a “healing crisis”. When the body is cleansing it will often times get worse before it gets better. After all it takes a lot of work for your body’s organs and systems to work all the toxic things out of your body. Because of this you may experiences what feels like cold or flu like symptoms particularly a runny nose. You may feel very fatigued, kind of pissed off or all of the above. Although this stage is not comfortable, it will help to remind yourself that it is a natural symptom of cleansing and is a temporary experience in order to achieve better health. If you can get through this stage, you will be on the better side of the hill.


By now you should be feeling great, even though it can be a bit of a rollercoaster of ups and downs. You should be at the maximize dosage of your supplements as per the directions on bottles and still staying consistent with your diet, hydration and elimination steps of cleansing. From here you may stop or keep going as long as you feel like you can or want to. Sometimes beginners don’t get past 3 or 4 days and that is ok. Try and make it to at least day 10 but if you can’t just do what you can and try again at a later time. Every time you attempt a cleanse you learn more about the subject, your individual body and its needs and what to make it better for you next time so it is never a lost experience.


DO NOT: Live the next day like it’s your last day on earth, go on a pub crawl or celebrate a lard fest of junk food. Chances are you will be feeling so clean and healthy you won’t even want to but if you think you might be warned that your body is so sensitive at this point the slightest toxic thing will make you feel completely poisoned and awfully sick! Continue to eat clean foods and drink plenty of fluids and if you want some dessert, bread or meat slowly incorporate it back into your diet gradually and try to at least choose consciously raised meats and organic foods so you don’t undo all your hard work!



Cleansing is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions. Please consult your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns about whether internal cleansing is right for you or not. I am not giving medical advice and this article is for informational purposes only. In following any recommendations contained in this article you assume all liability or risk associated with internal cleansing, including changing your diet or taking supplements and products suggested.

Have fun in learning how to better your health. Be creative and do what you want! That is the point of holistic health is that it is in your hands! This cleansing guide is just that- a guide, which you may take only bits from or follow all of, alter or adjust however you see fit. Make internal cleansing your own unique experience!

If you are someone who suffers from substance abuse issues including drugs and alcohol, internal cleansing is not meant as a detox program to get clean from these substances. Withdrawing from addictive substances can be very extreme and dangerous and should be done under professional medical supervision. Internal cleansing is meant for people who are drug and alcohol free and are already in a general state of health.

Do not start a cleanse while in a new romantic relationship! It is hard enough for someone who actually already knows you to understand the toll an internal cleanse can take on your body and emotions, let alone someone who doesn’t understand you! I have learned this the hard way many times and it is a train wreck, don’t do it!

Don’t do a cleanse in an unsupportive environment and/or around unsupportive people! Also don’t do a cleanse if you have in laws visiting, just started a new job, just moved or any other life stress factor that is going to frustrate you! Cleansing can be frustrating enough by itself!

Don’t give up because you feel like crap, use all the resources mentioned in this article and some of your own creative ones too. There is a misconception that healing is always fun and great which just isn’t true. One of the biggest differences between holistic healing and traditional health is that you have to participate in it and it isn’t always a walk in the park but it is a highly empowering experience in which you are in charge of the decisions of how to better the health of your body in the best way possible for you.  

This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on my own study of holistic healing and is my opinion and experience only, I do not hold a medical degree and therefore do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Any suggestions you take from this article are at your own liability and using good judgment.